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Gourmet & Cooking tour in Brussels. Belgium. Europe

Gourmet & Cooking tour

Experience the new flavors of Brussels finest cuisine by joining our Gourmet and Cooking Tour. Discover the secrets to prepare such great local favorites. Tasting such superb food is certainly going to make this experience unforgettable.

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Don:  Hello, I am organising a workshop in Brussels for 13 people and would be interested to have the gourmet walk as a late afternoon/early evening activity on Wednesday 27 July. Questions I have are: What would the total cost be? The beer, chocolate, french fries is just for tasting, so we would still have room for dinner afterwards? I suspect that not the whole group (13 people) will join, so I think it would be sufficient to book 1 guide. When it turns out to be for example 11 people, would that be a problem then? Looking forward to your reaction
Ken:  Hi - I'm currently working in Brussels and my wife will be joining me next week. I want to do something special for her. Since I've been here, I have not had much opportunity to go and and try real Beligum food. I wanted to know if you have a gastronomy or culinary tour in Brussels? Please list the itineary and cost per person. Thank you. Ken
Pia:  Hello We are 22 colleques going for a business and pleasure trip to Brussel. I would like to know more about your Beer, Chocolate and Mussels tour. And if you are available maybe on september 15th around 2pm. I would like to know the price pr. person and approx. how long time the tour takes. Looking forward to hear from you. Kind regards Pia
Caroline:  Hello Guide, We are planning a trip to Brussels in December and your tour "beer, chocolate & mussels" sounds interesting. Would it be possible to send me more information about the tour? How big are the groups? What are the costs? Thank you. Best regards, Caroline