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Private tour in Brussels. Belgium. Europe

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Come and join us on a wonderful Private Tour of Brussels. Let our expert guides help you discover the charm and the majestic beauty of this magical city. We will share its unique history as well as the most wonderful scenery and superb culinary traditions.

Private Guides in Brussels

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Chris:  OBJECTIVE OF TRIP: Photos of Major Flemish ART:...typical American.....I want it all. Cities: We Start in Bruges 8 days... Must see all churches, Cathedrals, Art museums Townhalls.... Include one day trip to Ouedenarde and one day trip to Ghent. Then about 9 days in Brussels ALL art, town halls, churches, museums. One day trip to Antwerp and one day trip to Lueven.... OPEN TO OTHER CITY SUGGESTIONS: Main interests: Flemish sculpture, town halls (outside and in) Painting TAPESTRIES Palace Art museums...painting sculpture. Normally on a trip we take about 6000 to 10000 pictures...average. VERY STRONG INTEREST IN FLEMISH ENGRAVERS!!! Also Need to find engraved print dealers that have Heemskerck, DeVos, Sadeler, Visscher... Specifically looking for Heemskerck "Triumph: print series and others. So need to visit many print dealers....engravings. Would like to get a turnkey package if possible with someone who can get us around in and out to make best use of time. Will take a lot of pictures so would be good to have a lady to be able to take my ladyfreind to go do "girl" stuff, shopping etc. I need to get all the statues on all the Stradhuis, as much tapestry, photos as I can in the allowed time period. I easily take over 300 gigabytes of digital images. Also nice dinner canal (Bruges) and night things. Need someone who can take an agenda and run with it but also make suggestions...nice "see the countryside drives". Main goal is total staturation in Belgian culture and art history.....would like good exposure to historic tapestries. ALL churches Cathedrals and stained glass too. Is this something would have an interest in pursuing??? Please let me know if you would want to take this on. As an example of the pace...22 catherdrals, 7 museums, 34 churches when I was in England in 16 days... Over 70 CD ROMS of pictures taken. Please contact me or refer me to someone if this is not something you would like to pursue. Please let me know soon. .
Naresh:  Hello, We are a family from India consisting of myself, my wife Jyothi and our two children aged 15 & 13 years. We are planning a vacation at Europe this summer and will be staying for 2 nights at Brussels. We will be arriving at Brussels on late evenings of 3rd May and will be departing on the afternoon of 5th May. This gives us a full day on 4th May and half a day (morning) on 5th May for sightseeing in and around Brussels /Belgium . This will be our first visit to Belgium and we are not much aware of must see and important places in and around Brussels. We are very keen on private tours involving just 4 of us with a friendly & qualified guide-driver during the one & a half day of tour at Brussels / Belgium. I am looking for your support and help in designing a tour for us. You can plan an itinerary for 9 AM to 5 PM on 4th May (preferably outside Brussels) and one more for 5th May between 9 AM and 12 noon (preferably Brussels city tour). Please suggest a good itinerary and estimated cost of the tour. While we want the tour to be private in a good car, we are also okay if a part of the tour involves walking. We are not keen on museums, art galleries and are pretty interested in monuments / castles, / small towns / serene nature / etc. I have heard about Bruges, Leuven, Mechelen, Lier etc and would need your suggestion in including some/all of these or any other better places. I look forward a response from you suggesting an itinerary for us along with price quotation. Regards Naresh
Marion:  Dear Sir/Madam, At the moment we are organizing a trip over Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy and Greece for two Spanish VIP clients. I am writing in regard to tour guides and chauffeurs in Belgium. The clients are going to travel around and want to do sight-seeing. The major requirements are that the driver speaks SPANISH fluently and the type of the car is a Mercedes or something similar. In the following I am going to explain you the exact route: 13th august: 12:10 arrival at the airport of Düsseldorf where they have to be picked up, visit the city and continue to Cologne, later to Bonn and Maastricht. Finally end up in Brussels (Hotel Metropole Brussels). 14th august: Go to Strasbourg and Luxembourg including city tours, in the evening back to Brussels. 15th august: Leave the hotel early in the morning (already with the baggage), visit Ghent and Bruges. Afterwards they directly have to go to the airport in Brussels that they can get their flight to Italy , leaving at 18:15. I would like to know if you can organize this and ask you for the rate that you can offer us for the total days. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Marco:  Hello, I am interested in both your Flanders' Fields W.W. 1 Battlefields and Memorials Ypres and the Bastogne tour. I will be travelling with my family (wife and 2 girls 13 and 15) and I am not sure that they will be interested in both. Anyway, I was wondering if your WW1 tour includes Sanctuary Wood? We visited Normandy in 2011 and I would like my kids to see what the trenches were like. In regards to the Bastogne Tour, is it possible to skip the museum and visit Metz? I was interested in visiting the Maginot Line but there isn't time, so i thought Metz might be just as interesting since Gen Patton had fought there. I am very interested in WW2 since it affected my family; however I also don't want to ignore WW1 ( I have visited Chateau-Thierry and Belleau Wood) as well as the WW1 American, French, and German Cemeteries. I am also a member of the WW2 82nd Airborne Living History Assoc. We are re-enactors, however 98% of the time we teach WW2 vs. doing a battle. There is too much to see and learn and not enough time. However so far you seem to offer the best tours. Sorry for writing so much..the date and trip are not 100% certain...thank you.