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    Bhutan is a rich mosaic of different cultures, traditions, life styles, ethnic groups, languages and belief systems. It is astounding that a country with a population of just over half a million speaks as many as nineteen different dialects and a few major languages. Diverse as it may seem, yet the Bhutanese socio-culture fabric is well interlaced and harmonized mainly due to the common thread of simple Buddhist values that the people share. Cultural Tours in Bhutan

    Our cultural tours are the easiest way to get a taste of Bhutan. With comfortable nights in hotels and luxury busses or cars during the day, we will give you a tour of all the major towns. Each town has a Dzong dating back from the 1600s, and many old temples and monasteries, architectural marvels in their own rights. Where ever possible we can organize cultural shows for you to heighten your experience.

    A smart way to do a cultural tour is to time your trip with the many festivals that take place all over Bhutan, all year round. Bhutanese festivals are truly unique. The religious dances at these festivals are attended by hundreds of devoted Bhutanese dressed in their beautiful multi colored dresses. The Tshechus in Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang (Jambay Lhakhang Drub) are the more popular festivals.

Castles in the Air

    Castles in the Air is our best selling and the only cultural tour that we organize.

  “ Castles in the Air, Experiences and Journeys in Unknown Bhutan, by John Claude White, C.I.E., Late Political Officer of Sikkim, Bhutan and of such part of Tibet as fell within the sphere of British influence ” is the name of an article that appeared in The National Geographic Magazine, in 1914.

  John Claude White wrote “on nearing the fort, a bevy of girls met us below the almost perpendicular approach and sang us into the fort (Trongsa Dzong).”

In this tour we will try to trace his journey, from his point of entry in Paro to Bumthang, the then political centre of the first king of Bhutan.

    We travel by Toyota bus, and take some fine day hikes to villages and temples.

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