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Private Guide in Cesky Krumlov

Karolina Kortusova - Private Guide in Cesky Krumlov

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Cesky Krumlov Old Town Tour

Private tour in Cesky Krumlov

Tour Price : Price per a private group up to 10 people: US $ 50 Languages:

Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO listed site? Gothic and  Renaissance houses preserved their original look? Why this town was abandoned during the communist regime?.

  Take this guided tour and I'll lead you through the labyrinth of cobbled medieval streets and tell you not only the history and legends of the old times.

This tour takes two hours and includes visits to the Old Town, Castle gardens and courtyards. Cesky Krumlov Old Town Tour

The Cesky Krumlov Region is one of the largest areas in Middle Europe still remaining untouched by civilisation in the negative sense. The Novohradske Mountains and Sumava are a part of the "Green Roof of Europe", which means they are areas of outstanding natural value. The natural beauty of this region forms its basic attraction for many tourists and visitors. Tour with private guide in Prague.

History of the town of Cesky Krumlov 

  According to legend, the name Krumlov is derived from the German „Krumme Aue„, which may be translated as „crooked meadow„. The name comes from the natural topography of the town, specifically from the tightly crooked meander of the Vltava river. The word „Cesky" simply means Czech, or Bohemian (actually one and the same), as opposed to Moravian or Silesian. In Latin documents it was called Crumlovia or Crumlovium. The town was first mentioned in documents from 1253, where Krumlov was called Chrumbonowe.

  The flow of the Vltava River has long been a natural transportation entrance to this region. The area's oldest settlement goes back to the Older Stone Age (70,000 – 50,000 B.C.). Excursion in Prague. Mass settlement was noted in the Bronze Age (1,500 B.C.), Celtic settlements in the Younger Iron Age (approx. 400 B.C.) and Slavonic settlement has been dated as from the 6th century A.D. The Slavs were represented by two tribes – Boletice and Doudleby.

  Since the mid 1960's, special care has been devoted to the preservation of the historical merits of Cesky Krumlov; the town was included in 1992 onto UNESCO's List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

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Tour information:
Tour Price: Price per a private group up to 10 people: US $ 50
Tour package includes:
Airport Transfer :NO
Hotel pick-up:NO
Drop-off :NO
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