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Karolina Kortusova - Private Guide in Cesky Krumlov

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Karolina Kortusova - our personal guide in Cesky KrumlovKarolina hails from Northeast Bohemia, but has family roots in Cesky Krumlov. She studied textiles & clothing technology just after the collapse of the Communist regime and was one of the first students who obtained a UK scholarship, which enabled her to complete her Masterīs degree in Marketing at Manchester University. Guide in Prague.

After finishing her studies, she worked for some time abroad and since 1995 she has worked in the private business sphere in the Czech Republic. She has falllen in love with Cesky Krumlov and its history, architecture and spirit, which is a neverending source of inspiration and excitement.

A professional tour guide, she loves meeting people and sharing her knowledge and passion for Cesky Krumlov with others. Karolina is a certified English legal interpreter, keen walker, skier and mountainbiker.

She lives with her husband and two shool-age daughters on one of the Cesky Krumlov hills.

Welcome to Cesky Krumlov!
Karolina Kortusova. Private guide in Prague. Cesky Krumlov

  Cesky Krumov is small South Bohemia town, that situated only 20 kilometers from the Austrian border, it is like walking through a fairy tale, best known for the fine architecture and art of the historic old town and Cesky Krumlov Castle. Its buildings haven't changed much since the 1700s, and you'll want to stay here a couple days and remain stuck in time. More travelers are discovering this quaint hamlet on the Vltava River, and some would complain Cesky Krumlov is becoming too touristy, but it's still worthwhile visiting here.

  Krumlov Castle is unusually large and fine for a town of Krumlov's size. Within the Czech Republic it is second only to the castle complex of Prague.

  Krumlov Castle comprises a amazingly preserved Baroque theatre (completed 1766), complete with original stage machinery, scenery and props: one of only a few such theatres that still exist (others at Drottningholm and Gripsholm, Sweden). Due to its age, the theatre is only used once a year, when a Baroque opera is performed in simulated candlelight.

  Cesky Krumlov is the Czech Republic's significant cultural center, hosting a number of festivals and other events each year.

Hope, your journey will be unforgettable!

Latest Customer's Opinions:

, Mexico, Monterrey, 2008-07-14

I think that Krumlov is one of the most beautiful cities in Czech Republic. when we went with our guide on its streets I had a feeling that I was in the 18th century! Karolina Kortusova acquainted us with so many interesting places in this magic town and told us a lot of things that we never knew! Our trip with Karolina was fantastic!