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Population: 3,500,000
Language: Arabic
Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)

Information about Alexandria


Alexandria has earned its title of “The Mediterranean Pearl” for a reason. This beautiful city is relatively young as compared to the large number of truly ancient settlements scattered all around Egypt. Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC as part of his victorious conquest over the North Africa, this city features a prominent Greek and Roman influence, which makes it very different from most of the older cities in the country.

There are no pyramids or ancient tombs associated with Ancient Egypt, but there are many peculiar landmarks dating back to the Hellenistic and Ancient Roman periods. After all, this is the place where one of the Ancient Wonders of the World, the Great Lighthouse, used to be located, so there’s definitely a lot to explore in this wonderful and modern city.

Today, Alexandria is a very dynamic and beautiful city, which boasts a true Mediterranean character, which is quite different from the rest of the country. The sea and the Nile Delta make the local climate much milder, which makes any vacation really enjoyable. The large number of ancient and medieval landmarks associated with the Greek, Romans and Arabs will make your stay very fascinating and informative. And if you’re looking for an active vacation, this dynamic city will certainly provide all types of distraction one can enjoy.


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