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Private guides in Egypt

Private Guide in Cairo

Private Guide in Cairo - Anhar Kordy

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Cairo Languages: English, Spanish

My name is Anhar Cordy, and with 20 years of experience of a licensed tour guide I know how to present the beauties of ancient and modern Egypt from their best sides. I've worked extensively with English and Spanish speaking groups over the years, which ranged in numbers from two to dozens of people. And each time I greet visitors at the airport or the cruise docks, I do it with the brightest smile that guides them during our entire journey.

Private Guide in Cairo

Private Guide in Cairo - Hany H.

(Member Since 2009) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Cairo Languages: English, Arabic

The Great Pyramids continue to fascinate travelers thousands of years after being built. Many people start asking themselves, how these colossal structures have been built by a society that didnít have modern-day machinery. Such questions are most common when an Egypt private guide takes you to see the Giza Necropolis complex, and you realize the scale and genius behind these amazing structures. The best way to answer these questions is asking a professional engineer, such as yours truly.

Private Guide in Luxor

Private Guide in Luxor - Ragab El Motgalye

(Member Since 2016) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Luxor, Aswan Languages: English

Iíve been working as an Egyptologist sightseeing tour guide for about 15 years now. I travel with guests all over Egypt to show them all the ancient wonders but I especially enjoy the archaeological sites in Luxor, where I was born and raised.

Private guides in Egypt


Capital: Cairo
Language: Arabic
Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)


Egypt, the land of ancient history, rich Muslim traditions, the fruitful Nile, golden sands and gorgeous sea resorts. It’s hard to find a second country like Egypt as it boast a very rich historical heritage represented by the world-famous pyramids and countless other objects from the Ancient period, and also offers a very pleasant way to spend a vacation on the seaside. That’s why you can never go wrong by choosing Egypt as your destination, since it will always have something to offer regardless of what you’re looking for in your vacation.

Egypt is located in Northern Africa, bordering Sudan, Libya and Israel, and having access to both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The climate is arid desert with most of the country’s surface covered with the Sahara desert. However, the presence of the Nile River and numerous small oases, as well as the long coastlines in the East and North, make some of the locations very pleasant and abundant with tropical vegetation. That’s exactly why Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, with millions of visitors enjoying its numerous resorts on the Red and Mediterranean coasts. 

Yet again, one of the main attractions this country has to offer is, of course, its rich history, primarily associated with the Ancient Egypt. Known to be inhabited well since 8000 BC, Egypt has become the cradle of one of the most advanced and earliest civilizations in the history of mankind. By around 3000 BC there were already numerous signs of advanced culture, technological know-hows, complex social structure, religion, education and many other things, which we still learn about today. The Ancient Egyptian civilization has strongly influenced the world as we know it and left behind a large number of historical landmarks, the most famous of which are, of course, the Giza Pyramids. But there are hundreds of other landmarks from this period of history and even more from later chapters, when Egypt became a Muslim country. So if looking for a country that can entice you with its rich cultural and historic background, it’s definitely Egypt. 

Modern Egypt has many things to offer and you will always have a great time there. From the intense shopping at the bazaar to the thoughtful exploration of ancient monuments. From the arid desert landscapes to the warm waves of the sea. Explore Egypt and you will never be disappointed by the experience!

Private Guide in Cairo

Private Guide in Cairo - Marwa Y.

(Member Since 2007) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Cairo, Luxor Languages: English, Arabic

Cairo is famous not just for its ancient history, although it occupies a very important place in the tourism of Egypt. Besides the famous pyramids and royal temples there are many fascinating Islamic, Coptic and Greco-Roman attractions that donít make part of private tours in Egypt as often as the ancient attractions do. Hopefully, with the help of my tours youíll get to know more about the many different sides of this country, not just the ones everyone already knows about.

Private Guide in Cairo

Private Guide in Cairo - Doaa Khalifa Mohamed

(Member Since 2010) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Cairo, Giza, Alexandria Languages: english and arabic

Hello, Iím Doaa Khalifa Mohamed and being your Egypt private guide I will gladly help you explore all the major attractions in Cairo and Egypt in general. Iíve been working as a professional licensed guide for over 10 years, and have met many people who were pleased with the quality of my tours.

Travel Agency from Egypt to Jordan

Travel Agency from Egypt to Jordan - Emad Ebrahim

(Member Since 2014) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Luxor, Cairo Languages: English, Dutch, German

From my previous background of working in Hotels and travel agencies I have the experience to arrange tours, trips and excursions to all sightseeing all over Egypt not only in Luxor city because I traveled with my tourist guests from Luxor to Cairo, Alexandria, Sinai, and Red Sea to show around these cities organizing tours and tailor-made their vacations and holidays in Egypt to be the best EGYPT PRIVATE GUIDE

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Im owner and operator of a touring company called Return 2 Your Roots. Im looking to bring a group to Egypt. Can you please give me some information about the types of tours you offer and your prices. Thank you in advance.
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