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Full Day East & West Bank

Private tour in Luxor

Tour Price : $65 per person Duration : 8 hours Languages: Arabic, English, French

Luxor is primarily famous for its rich ancient heritage that was left by Thebes, a city which was standing here since 5200 years ago. For centuries this place was an important cultural and trading center, and even served as the capital for a certain period of time. No surprise that there are so many ancient remnants in its area, some of which we’ll visit during this full-day tour. The vast majority of ancient attractions are located across the Nile River, but there are also several sites in the city as well. So let your faithful private guide in Luxor assist you and show the remarkable wonders of Thebes.

Our first stop will take place at the West Bank of the river, which houses the famous Theban Necropolis, better known for including the numerous tombs situated in the Valley of the Kings. We will visit three of the ancient tombs in this vast area and see how pharaohs and other noble dead were buried during the New Kingdom. Another stop will be made at the immense mortuary temple complex dedicated to Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, the only really powerful queen of Ancient Egypt. We will behold the wonderful statues of Memnon, which can be heard singing at certain time – the fact documented even by Roman historicists. After exploring this bank of the river for the first part of the tour we’ll get back to the city and visit other ancient wonders within the city.

At the East Bank your Egypt private guide will take to a local restaurant for a nice lunch and as you refill your energy for more discoveries, we’ll proceed to the Karnak temple complex. This magnificent and colossal complex is said to be one of the largest ancient structures of this type in the world. And by walking among its immense pillars and statues it’s really hard to disagree. But that’s not the only stop at the East Bank, since we’ll also explore the Luxor Temple complex, which is primarily peculiar with its unique blend of cultures and numerous influences depicted in its statues, pillars, frescoes and other elements.


Additional information

Tour information:
Tour Price: $65 per person
Duration: 8 hours
Group Size: Min 2
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Tour package includes:
Airport Transfer :NO
Hotel pick-up:YES
Drop-off :NO
Tour Transportation (car, van, limo, boat, etc…):NO
Food and Drinks :NO
Other services (fees apply):
Attraction tickets (concerts, theater, museum, circus...) :NO
Translation services :NO
Reservations (hotels, restaurants, airline) :NO
Visa support :NO
Additional information:
This tour must be booked at least 7 days in advance of your travel date :NO
Tour groups must include a minimum of 2 passengers :YES
Tour prices are flexible and based on your requirements :NO