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Population: 150,000
Language: French
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Luberon


Le Luberon is an extraordinarily beautiful area in the south of France comprised of three mountain ranges and their valleys: Little Luberon, Luberon and Big Luberon. The weather is usually mild but strong winds can be prevalent in any season.  

This pleasant area of verdant hills, thriving orchards and vineyards and charming villages has become a favorite vacation destination for visitors amongst French high society, as well as for many American and British tourists.

Serpentine lanes wind throughout the Luberon countryside and provide interesting excursions with sights including ancient hamlets, medieval churches, and the incredible natural beauty of the surroundings. Luberon is known for its incredible diversity of plant and wildlife, and hiking trails abound throughout the area for outdoor enthusiasts eager for a sighting of the Short-toed Snake Eagle.

Wine tasting tours amongst the local wineries and vineyards create a pleasant diversion in this peaceful portion of Provence.


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