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Papamichail - Private Guide in Athens

Private Guide in Athens
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My name is Matthew and I would like to show you Athens around, the capital of Greece, where I live since I was born.

Just after the Olympics, Athens became friendlier and easy-going for the inhabitants and the tourists. I did all my studies in tourism, the Greek Civilisation throughout centuries, and foreign languages (I speak English, French, Italian). I am working in the tourism industry since 1997 as a tour-leader and for 5 years now as a certified tour-guide.

My wish is to show you the place where I live, through a Greek's eyesight, in a more interesting and fun way, fulfilling the expectations of someone who wants a "closer look" in everything, when visiting a foreign country.

What appears to be very "folklor" annoys me. I have a suggestion to make; why don't you have a look inside my tours, to see what I propose to all of you and compare them with everything you've seen so far in brochures. All tours proposed can be done on foot, by pubic means of transportation, private car, or a limo-service.

Combination of tours, modifications, or new proposals (why not?) are equally accepted. The tours are also conducted in French and Italian. Give yourself the chance of visiting Athens in an altrenative, much more interesting way. I wish you a pleasant journey.

Attractions:Athens, Greece