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East Java

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Currency: Indonesian rupiah

Information about East Java

Covering the eastern third of an island called Java, Indonesia and the island of Madura and several small offshore islands is the town of East Java. The backbone of East Java is covered with a series of rugged volcanic peaks with the most famous being Semru and Bromo located in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Due to its past volcanic activity, the area is fertile and agriculture is the top feature of the area. The coasts on the north and south offer fine sand beaches.

One of the great wonders of Indonesia is the lien Crater. If you have a chance, see it before sun-up and you can witness the blue-fire which is a result of self-ignition of the sulfur produced by the volcano. While you’re there, collect some sulpher crystals. Bird watching is a popular activity at Baluran National Park and you may have a chance to see the endangered buffalo, Java Bantengor or leopards, monkeys or wild pigs. Go whitewater rafting at Pekalen River or surf at G-Land. For something different see Banyuwangi’s famous magicians.


There are many choices for food in East Java. Try Soto Madura which is a Maduran version of chicken soup or if you like spicy food have a taste of sambal or chili. Indonesian food is plentiful but most restaurants have western options as well. Vegan or vegetarian restaurants can also be found here. 

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