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Population: 2,040,000
Language: Russian
Currency: Iranian rial (IRR)

Information about Isfahan

Airport - Shahid Beheshti (IATA: IFN) (ICAO: OIFM). Before the revolution, it was a major military air base.
Shopping - Isfahan carpets are world-famous, among the vey finest Persian carpets. They are also often extremely expensive. Carpets from the nearby town of Nain are similar in style, also well-known, and also expensive. For those who are interested, it is possible to buy the highly decorative and brightly coloured traditional dress of Isfahan, but such clothing can be expensive, haggle for a reasonable price. For a real treasure trove, shop in the famous bazaar.


  • Abbasi Guest House - Amadgah St, Esfahan, Iran
  • Ali Gapu Hotel - Chahar Bagh Ave, Esfahan, Iran
  • Safir Hotel - Amadgah St, in front Hotel Abbasi, Esfahan, Iran
  • Piroozi Hotel - Darvazeh doulat, Chahar Bagh-e-paien Ave, Esfahan
  • Azadi Hotel - Down Chahar Bagh, Takhti intersection, Msjed Seyd St, Esfahan, Iran

  • The Teahouse under Khaju Bridge - Khaju Bridge, Esfahan
  • Sharzad Restaurant - Chaharbagh St., Esfahan, Ph.+98 311 2204490
  • Cafes in the depths of the grand bazaar - all around the Emmam Khomeini Square, Esfahan
  • Adineh - Ahmad abad St, Esfahan, Tel.(+98-311) 2286787 - 2260880
  • Patris - Apadana 2 St, Esfahan, Tel.(+98-311) 6626282
Private Guide in Isfahan

Private Guide in Isfahan - Ehsan

(Member Since 2017) Languages: English

I'm an independent tour guide, planner and translator. I love to meet new people from other countries and be their host here in Isfahan. I am an engineer and i work with several companies around the world.

Private Guide in Isfahan

Private Guide in Isfahan - Lale

(Member Since 2015) Languages: English, Persian, Russian, Italian?

I like cultures and arts of people all over the world especially my own country, Iran, Russia, France, Italy and so on so I have always been trying to have extend researches and studies in this context.

Private Guide in Isfahan

Private Guide in Isfahan - Iran

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Over years of experience serving thousands of travelers, our team of Iran Specialists will provide you with top level customer service both before your departure and throughout your stay in Beautiful Iran and...

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