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Private guide in Chuncheon, guided tours in Chuncheon, Korea South

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Korea South

Language: Korean
Currency: South Korean won (KRW)

Information about Chuncheon

The capital of Gangwon, located in the northeast portion of South Korea is Chuncheon. Surrounded by hills and rivers, the city has a small town atmosphere and offers many relaxing activities. The city is called ‘The City with Clean Lakes’ or ‘The City Surrounded by Water.’ Chuncheon is famous for being the filming location for a Korean romance drama called, Winter Sonata.


Rent a cabin or pitch a tent at Jungdo Island. A ferry will deliver you to the island. You can hike, bike or ride four wheelers. Ancient Korean huts are located on the island as well as magnificent wildlife. Take a boat tour of Soyang Dam and see a Buddhist temple. Stop and sample the food along the docks; lake shellfish, pancakes or fried grasshoppers are popular items. Take a hike up Bong Ui Mountain. Trails lead to the top from all sides. At 240 feet tall, it’s not a huge mountain but it makes for a good hike. Rent a paddle boat and travel across the river Soyang. See Statue Park with marble statues and a replica of an ancient water clock. The Ethiopian war memorial is also a popular destination as is Cheongpyong Temple. 

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