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Sanda RASAMUEL - Travel Agency in Antsirabe

Travel Agency in Antsirabe
 Member Since 2022  Country: Madagascar City: Antsirabe Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English, Spanish, French Education: Master in Economy-Sociologic Experience: Wildlife, birding, expedition, and excursion all arround Madagascar Additional services of this guide:

Sightseeing tour, Wildlife, birding, expedition, and excursion all arround Madagascar

Languages: English, Spanish, French

My name is RASAMUEL Jerifiahy Sanda. Having a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development, I believe that in order to protect the wildlife against overuse of the forest and smuggling animals, sustainable tourism is the greatest solution for my own people.

On a personal note, travelling in Madagascar allows me to figure out the daily life of my own people, the condition of their lives, and their needs. As a simple worker I felt powerless, but once I started my own business, I could afford something bigger. Even if it would start by granting jobs to the local people, this would the beginning of my own giving back.

Tourism in my country is an opportunity to lead a growth economy as it is one at the dominate sources of income for Malagasy people. Having international contact will likely open a new door for several co-operations in order to make a change.Wholly owned by Malagasy people, “Come to Madagascar” aims at sustainable tourism for its own people and protecting its environment. Choosing us means supporting local communities because there are no intermediaries. You would deal directly with the inhabitants of the lemurs’ island where all the interest goes into the local area you choose to visit. This improves life: access to water, the creation of hotels, the building of primary schools, and gives a source of income to the locals.

With a sustainable design, we aim to limit the use of “slash and burn” and charcoal burning, which are the main causes of deforestation here in Madagascar.

Also, one of our objectives is to influence the new generation of Malagasy people in the rural world to have a purpose and pursue their studies. We would like to inspire them, instead of getting married at a young age, to expand their horizons for a better future.

Attractions:Madagascar, Antsirabe