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Punsaa - Private Guide in Ulaanbaatar

 Member Since 2005  Country: Mongolia City: Ulaanbaatar Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English, Russian, German, Korean Experience: good experience Licenses, Training and Certifications:

I have related certificates and diploma as a professional tour guide

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visits to Shamans to ask your future and etc, driver / car rentals, document reegistration and etc. - contact me for more info

Languages: English, Russian, German, Korean

Welcome to the country of blue sky - Mongolia! I work as a private guide for 6 years. I like working as the guide and showing the most scenic places of my country! I can arrange tour and accomodation within Mongolia for individuals and also for groups. My biggest tour was in July 2005 which consisted of 16 people from the USA and period was for 2 weeks! I can also arrange the tours specially for you!

Thank you so much!


 The name 'Mongolia' has always stirred up visions of the untamed - Genghis Khan, camels wandering the Gobi Desert and wild horses galloping across the steppes. But of course Mongolia isn’t only “Genghis Khan, camels wandering the Gobi Desert”! Nowadays when you're in Mongolia, you might think its vistas are unlimited. From desert to steppe, the empty landscape seems to stretch into infinity. It's the most sparsely populated country in the world. Far from being bleak and grim, however, Mongolia's scenic emptiness can be quite a tonic for those looking to get away from it all. It has pristine lakes, rugged mountains, hospitable people - and lots of wide-open spaces for trekking.


Pipi - our personal guide in Mongolia

The government is trying to open up the country to tourism, mainly by cutting a lot of red tape. And fortunately, a number of independent tour companies have been springing up in Ulaanbaatar, the capital, so that you no longer have to deal exceptionally with the unwieldy bureaucracy of Juulchin, the national travel agency. There are some excellent tour companies based in the U.S. and elsewhere that work with those local companies to design itineraries to give you the real flavor of the country.

ll but the smartest travelers will want to take a tour. Mongolia's rudimentary transport system is designed to move locals between their workplaces and the capital, and getting anywhere worthwhile can be a real effort. Scarcity of fuel is common – it’s one of biggest problem in Mongolia since the accident of communism in the early 1990s. It makes travel extraordinarily difficult in the winter.

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, United Kingdom, London, 2009-02-04

I say she is a good guy. I took her as a guide for 2 week tour to Khubsugul and Arkhangai - she is a professional guide.

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