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Traditional Holiday with Mongolian family!

Private tour in Ulaanbaatar

Languages: English, Russian, German, Korean

Tsagaan Sar

The traditional Tsagaan Sar or White Moon welcome of spring has been celebrated since the time of Chinggis Khan and is the main holiday of nomadic Mongolia. English word for Tsagaan sar is White moon, because white for the Mongolians is the color symbolizing purity and happiness. For more than 2000 years Mongols have been celebrating New Year according to lunar calendar. Each year of the 12 years cycle of the Lunar Calendar is named after one of twelve animals: Mouse, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Cock, Dog and Pig. Most families offer a surplus of traditional meals and delicacies symbolizing hope for abundance in the coming year. Mongolians show their respect for the elderly during this time by greeting them holding their elbows a sign of their support for them. Mongols celebrate Tsagaan Sar with three days of feasting with their families. The celebration is followed by sports competitions, traditional song festivals and other events.
  Day 1 January 30
  Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel. After lunch city tour. Attend Wrestling competition. New year eve ceremony. Dinner with Mongolian family. On BITUUN, the last day of the old year, Lunar New Year Eve, families are gathered around richly served tables and have dinner. On the Bituun menu are steamed dumplings (buuz), boiled meal and a lot of dairy products. Overnight in hotel.
  Day 2 January 31
  Breakfast, The first day of the Lunar new year . Experience New Year celebration with Mongolian family. Lunch with Mongolian family. Early in the morning on the first day of the lunar new year everybody wears their best clothes and goes to visit the oldest person in the family, a group of families to get him or her give respect and wish the best. Dinner, Overnight
Day 3 Febraury 1.
Breakfast, Drive to Terelj Resort and visit to the local family and experience New Year celebration . Lunch and Dinner with the local family., Riding horse, visit to surrounding area-Back to Ulaanbaatar , Overnight
  Day 4 Febraury 2. 
  Breakfast, Visit to Gandan monastery, with the majestic , gold plated Megjid Janraisag statue. This statue is 26,5 meters high and weighs 90 tons. Lunch in Palace of Mongolia where you can feel as you are in KHar Khorin – the ancient capital of Mongolia Empire! Free day, Dinner, Overnight
Day 5 Febraury 3.
End of the trip

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Languages: English, Russian, German, Korean
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