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Trekking tour in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia. Asia

Trekking tour

Join us in an awesome Trekking Tour to Ulaanbaatar. Our outstanding guides will fulfill all your expectations. Widen your historical and cultural knowledge about this mythical, beautiful city. Discover its picturesque and charming trails.

Trekking tour in Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia Off-road Adventure and Trekking

Guide: Byambadorj (Byambaa) Altankhuyag
Type: Trekking tour in Ulaanbaatar
Duration: 21 days/20 nights.
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Kari:  Hello, I am interested to hear your offering on the following style trekking in Mongolia: - Departure from Ulanbataar around 7th Aug 2008, length two weeks - four persons traveling - traveling preferably only in our own group - Main transportation with a jeep, or similar - A local guide traveling with us - Food supplied by the travel agency (or locals) - We would like to see/do at least following things: - Karakorum ruins - The Gobi desert for a couple of days - Spending 3-5 days with nomads - Horseback and/or or camelback day trips Do you have any excursions available that might suit our interests? If so, how much it would cost per person? Also, I would like to hear any other good suggestions about trekking activities that you could provide! Best regards,