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Population: 35,709
Language: Arabic
Currency: Moroccan dirham (MAD)

Information about Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is a city situated in northwest Morocco that is unique in appearance and therefore an awesome city for vacation plans.  This remarkable city has a Mediterranean climate that is normally very comfortable.   There is no other sight for tourists to lay their eyes upon quite like Chefchaouen due to its originality in appearance.  Many of the exteriors of homes in this region are shades of blue in color.  The reason for this exclusive tradition is because the color is thought to discourage mosquitoes.  A great location to take a journey to is to see the remains of an ancient mosque, Jemaa Bouzafar. 

This structure is situated on a hill behind a waterfall.  Although the tower of the mosque is decaying, it provides terrific views of the city.  This sparkling city is well-known for its assortment in respect to shopping.  There are a large variety of products that are sold by merchants.  Handmade goods such as woven blankets and wool clothing are examples of two of the items that are featured among vendors. 

Goat cheese is a highly popular palatable item that visitors enjoy purchasing in addition to the wide spectrum of nonperishable goods.   Traditional Moroccan meals served at outstanding restaurants are savored by tourists and there is a great variety available from which to select.  Chefchaouen is located within and encompassed by the Rif Mountains so the scenery is nothing less than spectacular from every viewpoint.  We kindly request that you keep Chefchaouen in mind when determining travel arrangements.  

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