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Population: 95,300
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro (EUR)

Information about Delft


The city of Delft is located in the Netherlands’ Midwest between the larger cities of The Hague and Rotterdam. Chartered in 1246, Delft continues to demonstrate much of its medieval history with structures and monuments of its historical old town center, which is known for its picturesque canals and bridges. 

More than a million visitors come to Delft annually to tour this scenic locale, beginning with the city’s eastern gate, the Oootspoort, which is the only remaining section of the city walls built in the 1400s. Other notable attractions are the Old Church, Oude Kerk, and New Church, NieuweKerk, which contains the burial vault for the Dutch royal family. 

Delft is also famous for its Delftware, the world-renowned Delft Blue porcelain, and for the city’s native master painter, Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer used for his backgrounds the local Delft scenery including views of Delft streets and homes, churches and courtyards.


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