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Travel Agency in Islamabad
 Member Since 2009  Country: Pakistan I conduct tours in cities: Islamabad, Skardu Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English, Urdu, Ughur, Shina, Wakhi, Chitrali, Brushashki Education: Graduation from Punjab University. Experience: Working with many reputable travel companies as english speaking guide, Operation Manager and presenter for many foreign media team in the devasted area since. Licenses, Training and Certifications: 1) License ID-1215, Authorized by Ministry of Tourism Govt. Of Pakistan. Alpine club of Pakistan, Additional services of this guide:

trekking, mountain climbing, camping, hiking, rafting, cycling, biking, fishing,

Languages: English, Urdu, Ughur, Shina, Wakhi, Chitrali, Brushashki

Hi, so nice to present myself here today. I am young energetic man from the spirit of adventure, Hunza Valley, North Pakistan. I can offer you my services as guide in the below highlighted destination with in country.

North Pakistan – The Land of Adventure
At the western end of the great Asian high-mountains system, the Karakorum, Hindukush and Himalaya ranges all coverage in a landscape of truly breathtaking scale. Mountains typically rise above 6000m, with more than 160 summits higher than 7000m. In the Karakorum alone, 30 peaks reach higher than 7500m.

Modern Mountaineering
Hunters were the first to visit mountains purely for the pleasures. One of the first real mountaineering expedition to visit this part of the world was in 1892, when Sir, W. Martin Conway with Painter A.D McCormick and a Swiss Guide, set off from Hunza, crossing Hispar pass and named the great white expanse below as snow lake. They descended the Biafo Glacier to Askole and explored Baltoro Glacier, named the Confluence of glaciers at its head as "Concordia" after the place de la Concorde Paris. Today each year 70-80 mountaineering expeditions get permits to climb and explore this greatest concentration of lofty peaks on earth, where five gigantic mountains K-2 Gasherbrum – I Gasherbrum – II Broad Peak and Nanga Parbat, Tower above 8000 meters with 108 peaks higher then 7000 meters and nowhere after the polar region, has such long and sepectacular glaciers (seven over 40kms long).

Trekking Peaks and Rock Climbing
Peaks below 6000m are open for climbing without the royalty and are becoming popular among the beginners in Karkorum and young trainees preparing for the higher peaks.

There are dozen of very spectacular peaks among three ranges of Karakorum, Western Himalaya and Hindukush, located among a superb mountains panorama and are a 2-3 days approach from road heads.

The Massive of Nanga Parbat "The Killer Mountain" is surrounded by the spectacular Jilliper Peaks at 5206m and 5245m, Bulder Cleft 5200m Shaigiri 5584m and Rupal peak 5971m.

These peaks are easy 2-3 days climbed and the approach trail passes through a beautiful lower panorama of this beautiful range.

The awe inspiring, row of needle spires along the Baltoro and Jagged Granite blocks of Trango Tower are a dream of the rock climber and the approach is 3-4 days from road head.

No doubt, North Pakistan is spirit of adventure, trekking in Northern Pakistan excite the imagination and the area are rugged are isolated places on earth. The combination of hospitable people, isolation and magnificent mountains scenery makes this is perfect place trek, provided one has a thirst for adventure, love for the innocent nature and strength to enjoy challenging walks.

Trekking in Pakistan is permitted to an altitude of 6500meters above see level and this activity is available in all regions of northern Pakistan throughout summer months, treks of all grades from easy hikes to strenuous walks on crevassed glacier and crossing of passes over 5000 meters are available.

Trekking trips oaf all grades are offered and duration of these trips stretches from 3 days to 30 days, depending on the choice, fitness and time available to the traveler.