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Language: Polish
Currency: Zloty (PLN)

Information about Malbork

The town of Malbork grew up around a castle and fortress built by Teutonic knights in the 13th century. Malbork is located in northern Poland on the banks of the Nogat River. The Malbork Castle (Mary’s Castle) was originally named the Castle of Marienburg by the German knights and the town was called Marienburg until it came under Polish rule in 1466 and began to be called by the Polish version of its name, Malbork.

Malbork Castle is the largest Gothic castle in the world and the largest brick building in Europe. It is also a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town that grew up around the castle flourished in trade mostly due to its location on the Nogat River and the easy access provided for shipping barges. The town recently completed a renewal project which including building the Malbork Welcome Center, and has made tourism its primary source of revenue.

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