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The Azores Private Guide - Private Guide in Ponta Delgada

Private Guide in Ponta Delgada
 Member Since 2013  Country: Portugal City: Ponta Delgada Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: English, Spain, Portugal

Languages: English, Spain, Portugal

The tour guides in Ponta Delgada, Portugal, are both friendly and festive, a reflection of the decadent culture and traditions within the country. On your next vacation, take a privately guided tour of Ponta Delgada designed with you in mind.

A variety of tours are available, such as visits through the Portas da Cidade de Ponta Delgada, The center of the Baixa (Lisbon Baixa), The Colegio Convent (Church of the Jesuit College in Ponta Delgada), one of the many religious sanctuaries constructed during the 15-16th Century when Ponta Delgada was a stopover on important commercial routes between Europe and the New World.

Wander through the surrounding parks at your leisure and take in the sights. That is one of the many benefits of having a private guide. The tours can take as long as you want, unlike larger bus tours with a set schedule and multiple groups to lead each day. The certified private guides available are very knowledgeable and friendly. If you are a connoisseur of wines, perhaps a 6-day tour of the many vintages and vineyards throughout the regions of Setubal, Colares, Alentejo, Douro River, and so many others will be of interest. 

There are a variety of different sights to see, and sometimes it can be very difficult to put together the best tour on your own. However, having a knowledgeable, experienced local to help will allow you to relax and cherish the limited time during your upcoming vacation to Portugal. In a custom tour, you can tell the guide about your interests and leave it up to her to design. You will not be disappointed.

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