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Population: 12,622,000
Language: Russian
Currency: Russian ruble (RUB)

Information about Moscow

The capital city of Russia is a megacity with a population of over 11.5 million, making it one of the largest cities in the world. Moscow is also listed in Forbes as being the city with the most billionaires in residence. Located on the Moskva River in central Russia, Moscow offers warm, humid summers and very long, very cold winters, with the lowest temperature on record at -44°F (-42.2°C).

There are several important World Heritage Sites throughout the city of Moscow, including the ancient fortress that is now the residence of the Russian president, the Kremlin. Other World Heritage Sites include Novodevichy Convent and Kolomenskoye’s Ascension Church. Moscow is also one of the most “green” cities in the world, with 96 parks and 18 gardens. Notable landmarks include Red Square, Ostankino Palace, Tsaritsyno Palace and Park, the Bolshoi Theater, the Moscow Zoo, and the Moscow International House of Music.

Private Guide in Moscow

Private Guide in Moscow - Marina Spasskaya

(Member Since 2018) Languages: english

My name is Marina and I am a Moscow city tour Guide. I have two years guiding experience, as a boat guide and as a city tour guide. I have my own project called MoscVoyage where we give full services to our tourists, visas, accomodation, transfers and tours.

Private Guide in Moscow

Private Guide in Moscow - Julia

(Member Since 2018) Languages: english

My name is Julia and I'm originally from Siberia. I moved in Moscow 10 years ago and immediately felled in love with this city! Once you will come in Russia you will never forget it. People are warm and helpful, the weather is really outstanding, lots of history, facts, food and fun!