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Branko Rabotic - Private Guide in Belgrade

Private Guide in Belgrade
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  Follow your heart to... Belgrade!
  If you've never been to Serbia, there's no better place to start.
  Though Belgrade has never been among the most popular travel destinations of Europe, the city can offer a lot of attractions to its visitors. Branko Rabotic. <a href=Guide in Belgrade. History" align="left" border="0" hspace="10" vspace="10" />The Serbian capital is one of the oldest towns in this part of Europe. The remains of its long and turbulent history still exist on a hill overlooking the mouth of two rivers, the Sava and Danube. That is the site of the fortress of Belgrade - in fact of a complex of various fortifications which were built, torn down and subsequently rebuilt over the centuries at the same place. Many historical layers come one upon the other. The present-day archaeological and historical site is surrounded by the most attractive city park, bearing the old Turkish name of this place - Kalemegdan.
  It's the place where history and tradition are not the only remnants that symbolize that site. The sweet remembrance of our own walks with parents, a children's game, childish mischief, the first teenage date with a girl or boy is something that all the Belgradians share and have in common. This place is therefore not only part of our history, but of our own lives as well. In a way and far more than any other location in the city, Kalemegdan represents Belgrade and Belgrade represents Kalemegdan. They are synonyms, they are inseparable, they go arm in arm and they will always be part and parcel of any mental picture of the Serbian capital. 
   Branko Rabotic. SunsetThe historical nucleus, the Old town of Belgrade spreads its streets narrow and wide. They are lined with nice examples 19th century architecture, of Neo-classical and Neo-renaissance styles. A few preserved old Turkish houses as well as quite numerous facades decorated in Art nouveau, a style prevailing during the first decade of the 20th century, contribute to the variety of Belgrade's architectonic heritage. 
   Belgrade is an opening and welcoming city, where the newcomer finds it easy to settle down. Significantly, it is calculated that only a small part of the population in the Serbian capital consists of natives of Belgrade, with the remainder of the population coming from all different parts of former Yugoslavia. That is why Belgrade is the right example of a city tolerant of newcomers and visitors. Private guide in Belgrade. The streets and squares of the capital are always busy and alive with people, mostly the young. Many indoor and open air cafes and restaurants make a pleasant stop for coffee or beer. Some downtown streets are serene and gentle, others are busy and quaint, with a number of discreetly or centrally located luxurious shops selling works of art, jewelry and clothes.
Even a very short stay in Belgrade could be productive and rewarding. There is one sole essential condition: the visitor should be accompanied by a good guide in order to follow logically formulated itineraries without wasting time and being confused. In that case one can become fully acquainted with Belgrade even on the briefest of visits. 
   There's no better place to start exploring Serbia. Just set aside your prejudices, follow your heart, and accept the challenge: Discover offbeat travel attractions you never knew existed! Surrender to the ebullient charms of Belgrade. If you've been thinking about traveling to Serbia, now's the perfect time.

Come before the crowds do!

Besides, no one is ever quite prepared for this country!

Branko Rabotic. Branko RaboticMr. Branko Rabotic runs his own 'Belgrade Sightseeing' program, a specialized and personalized Web-based reservation service for tour guide services in Belgrade & Serbia; It aims to help all visitors to Belgrade, but especially individual travelers by providing them with various travel services on the spot. Branko Rabotic is officially-licensed and has an extensive background as a travel agent.
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