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Information about Marbella


Marbella is located in Andalusia, on the picturesque Costa del Sol at a distance of 60 km from Malaga. It is considered to be one of the best pleasure resorts in the world and it is a favorite place of many millionaires and famous people. The mild and warm climate of Marbella is due to the La Concha Mountains that protect the city from the continent’s cold air masses. The city was founded in 1600 BC in the time of Roman Empire and was a modest seashore village, but under the Moorish reign it experienced a period of cultural and architectural prosperity. 

The new city’s wonderful sandy beaches, luxurious palaces and villas, 5 stars hotels and trendy shops, are not the only things that attract thousands of tourists. The antic beauty of the city is revealed once you reach the old part of Marbella, the narrow cozy streets guide you through different historical epochs offering the best architectural examples.

The most famous of them is the exquisite fountain of the 17th century, which is located in the center of the Orange Square and is surrounded by orange trees. The symbol of Marbella is considered the Muslim fortress Alcazaba with a history of more than 1000 years, also here must be visited the former city hall that today is the city’s museum with an impressive collection of archeological artifacts, the splendid 17th century Christian church and many other historical monuments.


Private Guide in Marbella

Private Guide in Marbella - Ricardo

(Member Since 2016) Languages: Spanish ,Italian,French ,English

Hello! I am Ricardo Rodriguez and I work as a private guide in Andalucia ( Malaga) I was born in Tangier . And i live in Marbella this remarkable city and that's why I want to share its matchless culture and glorious history of Andalucia with people from other countries, belonging to other nationalities. Here are some words about my education.

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