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Population: 165,529
Language: Swiss German
Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)

Information about Basel

Located in Switzerland on the Rhine River where the Swiss, French and German boarders attach is Basel. It’s the third-largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the half-canton of Basel-Stadt. The German Black Forest, Swiss Jura Mountains and French Vosges sit on the boarders.

The city is thick with culture and houses over thirty museums including the Basel Art Museum, Basel Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art and Media Art, Beyeler Foundation and the Museum of Cultures. Historical areas of the city include the Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral, Market Square and buildings designed by world renowned architects; Herzog, Mario Botta and Richard Meyer.


Basel is a green city and has Botanical Gardens, the largest zoo in Switzerland and many parks. Basel has a symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, Basel Theatre, the Playhouse and other opportunities for music and theatre. Delight your senses with a trip to Scholss Bottmingen Restaurant. It’s a romantic castle surrounded by water. They serve fish specialties, wine and offer dining on the garden terrace. Clubbing is a popular activity at night and Atlantis, Acqua and Bar Rouge provide the big city atmosphere that Basel is known for. 

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