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Population: 185,526
Language: Swiss German
Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)

Information about Geneva

Geneva is a city is Switzerland that is in between the Alps and Jura mountain ranges.   This city has a Temperate Oceanic climate. Its winters are mild and summers are pleasingly warm.  Precipitation is sufficient and doesn’t vary too much throughout the year.   Geneva has a wide amount of historical locations for guests to visit. 

There are archeological sites, museums, theaters, and as well as additional landmarks and points of interest to explore.  Cathedral St-Pierre and Russian Church are two of the religious sites that are worth seeing.  For those tourists who want to relax in the sun, there are 14 beaches open to the public.  Paquis is a very popular beach but there is assortment of others quite pleasurable as well.  Some of these provide picnic area and/or camping areas.  Furthermore, as there are mountains in the nearby vicinity that get snowfall, skiing is a pastime that people are able to take advantage of and enjoy. 

Each summer the city is proud of their Geneva Festival.  A beautiful fireworks show is created along with music being played.  The culinary dishes in Geneva are absolutely delicious. Switzerland has been producing chocolate for many years and Fondue is extremely popular.  There are a multitude of excellent restaurants to dine at while in Geneva.  With such a range of activities, indoor as well as outdoor, and its fine cuisine, Geneva is the optimum location to select when arranging a travel itinerary. We hope you will consider this city when finalizing vacation plans. 

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