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Language: Arabic
Currency: Tunisian dinar (TND)

Information about Djerba

Djerba is North Africa’s largest Island and has a mild climate.  This island is an alluring vacation destination for tourists.  If archaeology sparks someone’s interest, Djerba is without a doubt the perfect spot to indulge his or her pursuit.  Believe it or not, there are more than 400 archaeological sites, allowing for plenty to see on a trek to this island.  Historical sites include the Synagogue of el-Ghriba which harbors the world’s oldest Torah. 

Guests are intrigued by the Djerba Explore with Islamic arts museum, spectrum of restaurants, terrific shopping, and there is even a crocodile park with 400 Nile crocodiles transported from Madagascar.  The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions is a great place to see, as well.  It focuses its attention on civilizations of Muslin and Jewish people.  This museum presents a delightful assortment of costumes, pottery, as well as Cenotaph, which is an unoccupied tomb established in honor of a person’s memory, and the reconstruction of a pottery workshop.  If vacation plans include spending a day in the sun, or perhaps longer, there is no better location for many guests than a nice, relaxing beach. 

The beaches in Djerba are exquisite, especially on the northeast coast, attracting a multitude of vacationers.  Cuisine on this island is fantastic and offers a multitude of dishes that are tasty and the service in restaurants is wonderful, too.  With so much to be enjoyed on this island, we kindly ask that you contemplate a visit to Djerba when arranging a vacation.

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