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Population: 421,362
Language: Turkish
Currency: New Turkish Lira (YTL)

Information about Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a city positioned in Turkey.  It has magnificent terrain with one-of-a-kind geological formations.  One of the most stunning rock creations is Fairy Chimney.  Volcanic eruptions created this wondrous sight.  The lava flows of lava molded rock were sculpted into twisting valleys with curvaceous cliff faces by rain and wind.  The tallest mountain in the region is Mt. Erciyes. 

There are two caves in close proximity to the meeting tower and it is believed that at least one of them had been expanded by mankind at some point.  It is thought that monks in ancient times had ventured to the summit a few times. There are awesome historical mansions and cave houses in Goreme, Uchisar, Guzelyurt, and Urgup. Underground cities that are absolutely stunning to tour and should not be overlooked are Ozkanak, Derinkuyu, and Kaymakli.  The typical facilities found in these cities included rooms for storage,  cellars, wine and oil presses, stables, and chapels. Specific to the Derinkuyu complex is an expansive room that possesses a barrel vaulted ceiling and is situated on the second floor.  For tourists that want some high above ground sightseeing, hot-air ballooning is a terrific activity. 

Cappadocia has outstanding restaurants where you can indulge in scrumptious meals as well as the welcoming ambiance.  The weather is a continental climate with cold, snowy winters and dry, hot summers.  There isn’t much rainfall so activities that take place in the outdoors aren’t affected too greatly. Please take Turkey into consideration when organizing your upcoming trek.  

Private Guide in Cappadocia

Private Guide in Cappadocia - Ersin

(Member Since 2008) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Cappadocia Languages: English, French

Hi dears ,My name is Ersin who was born in the heart of cappadocia region with its wonderful lanscape in 1983 and from my highschool time untill now ı m trying to be between the foreign tourists by...

Private Guide in Cappadocia

Private Guide in Cappadocia - Tarık

(Member Since 2024) Excursions/tous in the following cities: Cappadocia Languages: English

Hello, My name is Tarik. I studied in Tourism Business & Guiding department for 4 years in Erciyes University. I graduated in 2008 and after completing the necessary steps, I received my license in 2010. I...

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