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Population: 2.7 million
Language: Ukrainian
Currency: Grivna

Information about Kiev

The largest city and capital of Ukraine is Kiev. The city is a main port on Dnieper River and it also has a railroad junction. Many items are manufactured in Kiev; linoleum, fertilizer, aircraft, sea craft, motorcycles, knitwear, footwear and watches. Before visiting Kiev be sure to check travel warnings as U.S. citizens are currently cautioned from visiting the area. Women that do visit the area should be prepared to cover hair and legs at many businesses and events. Cameras and taking photos are also frowned upon at most places.

A must-see place in Kiev is Chornobyl Museum, but unfortunately there is no English signage. Audio guides are available through. Visit Kiew Pechersk Lavra, it’s one of the most important and oldest monasteries in Ukraine. It was founded in 1077. St. Sophia’s Cathedral is the oldest church in Kiev. It’s on the UNESCO World History Site.


Take a break from sightseeing and stop at the Café Varenye. They serve Ukrainian and European cuisine including Napoleon Cake and Borsch. Locals love this restaurant as it has a homey, cozy atmosphere. It’s recommended that travelers don’t drink the tap water anywhere in Kiev as there are chemical and microbial issues. 

Private Guide in Kiev

Private Guide in Kiev - Erik Offing

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If you intend to visit Kiev and wish to see as much as possible, but donít have much time, or you simply donít want to waste hours trying to get to different places; you'll probably need some help. As a private tour guide, I offer day trips covering architecture, culture, traditions, local gastronomy, or any other topic of your choice.