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Private Guide in Dubai
 Member Since 2011  Professional license orcertificate Professional
Country: United Arab Emirates City: Dubai Airport Transfer: YES Hotel Reservation: YES Translation Service: YES Languages: Spanish, German, English, Arabic Licenses, Training and Certifications:

Licensed as senior Tour guide from Dubai Department of Tourism and Marketing. Licensed as Tour Guide from Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority. Licensed as a country guide from the Syrian Tourism Ministry. Selected as one of the best 6 Tour Guides In the UAE from Dubai Tourisam and Marketing Department. Bacheoler Degree in English Literature, and German language science.

Languages: Spanish, German, English, Arabic

The Arab world is a melting pot, where the entire cultures meet, the cradle of the most ancient civilizations. Heritage that started from the dawn of the history, and is lasting long to the future. A fairy-tale that takes you back to the old days of Sinbad and the extraordinary world of thousand and one night, that brings you again into the fantasy of the obscure Arabic legends and epics. Guide in Abu Dhabi.
A place where the skyscrapers meet the aroma of the spices on the old merchant's boats. Being in love with all these atmospheres and flairs, and much more, were the major contributions for me becoming a professional Tourist Guide.

I was educated to be a foreign language teacher for high school students, bachelor degree in English literature and German language. It all started during my university study when I used to work as tourist guide part-time, and this, eventually, turned later to be my main profession. I have, proudly, guided tourists in five different Arab countries in the Middle East, including the UAE and Oman, as well as Syria, Jordan and Lebanon for over the past 16 years. Moreover, and throughout the years I worked in the tourism industry, I got specialized with the cultural awareness and the educational round-trips, which require very huge knowledge and massive educational background.

The fact of Being an Arab National, born, and brought up in this very rich heritage, grew with the Arabic traditions and values, and having come from the source itself; have given me deeper insight and natural talent to deliver the same further on to my dear visitors. Private guide in Abu Dhabi.
Guiding tourist for me can never be correctly commenced only through what has been acquired by the process of learning and studying but much more from the way someone has lived and experienced, certainly with lots of love to the country and the job itself. I have got first licensed as a Country Tourist Guide in 1992-3, in Syria and that was how I started officially my career as a guide in Syria and Lebanon, and gradually afterwards in Jordan as a tour leader.

I am also certified from Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing, as well as Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority. So, It is pleasure inviting you all to witness one of the world fastest growing cities, live and experiences this flare and luxury, and share with me the local wisdom and knowledge of culture, history, traditions, sightseeing, life of the natives and see them through my eyes the way I lived and experienced them.

Attractions:Jordan, Dubai