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Customer's Opinions about guide from Paris, France

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, India, Hyderabad, 2018-06-04

Hi, I had a great time touring Paris for one full day with Mr.David ! He is a very eager , knowledgeable and amiable person. He gives a birdís eye view of Paris and itís wealth of history and architectural marvels. Would definitely recommend Mr.David for a comprehensive Paris tour.
Best wishes and Regards,
Prashanth Kulkarni

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, United States, Walnut Creek, 2016-12-28

David met me and three others for a layover tour in Paris on December 8, 2016. He was knowledgeable, informative, pleasant, and upbeat as he drove us to the many must see tourist destinations in Paris. Even though this was not my first time in Paris I learned a lot from David about the history of Paris and the many different neighborhoods. He was able to personalize the tour so we could see the places that were the most important to us. He was able to answer all of our questions and we really enjoyed the tour. We would definitely recommend David to anyone who wants a fantastic tour. Teri Allen

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, United States, Colorado Springs, 2016-07-21

Our layover tour of Paris with David was the most stress free day of our vacation. It was really wonderful and we enjoyed our time. David knew the great places to take us and we were able to see so much of the city. Thanks so much for a great tour!

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, United States, Colorado Springs, 2016-07-06

We had a 12 hour layover in Paris and wanted to see the city. David was the perfect tour guide and made for a fun, stress free day. It was also a great value. David was much less expensive than the big tour companies and also much more flexible with the schedule. We were able to do what we wanted to do rather than a pre-arranged agenda like most tour companies. Highly recommended!

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, USA, Malibu, 2012-11-05

David!!!!!!!!.......We cannot thank you enough for making our "afternoon in Paris" such a memorable event for us.

It was still very hard to imagine that on Tuesday afternoon we were in Paris and on Wednesday morning we were walking on Zuma Beach.......

Thank you again......Kerry and Dennis

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, India, chennai, 2012-05-06

We visited Paris just am month back.Actually we had only half a day time in Paris and Mr.Kafari David made our day memorable.He was very much punctual, and friendly.Also a very knowledgable guide,was able to narrate us History of France so interstingly! Really worth the money and time spent!

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, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 2011-06-30

In late May 2011, with a group of friends, 12 of us consisting of 6 married couples decided to visit Paris concentrating on visiting the Cognac and Champagne region to experience first-hand some of the worldís most recognised brandy and champagne producing brands.

In the beginning we opted to organize the trip with the help of our regular travel agent in Malaysia that has experience in Europe tour. But after some months of pre-planning and the slow response couple with the exhorbitant rates that was quoted, we opted to explore for private tour guide services as an alternative. After trolling the internet and from some recommendations in the travel forums, we found David Kafari and his services.

What strikes me most was his fast initial response and throughout our short planning period he kept us updated. With David we get some good suggestions, always conscious in making sure what he recommends fits into our main objective of the trip. I find him flexible and diligent and works for our interest all the time. We all agreed that his price quote for services is reasonable comparing to the quality of hotel, transportation and his personal attention to all our needs throughout the 8 nights stay.

During our planning, the main issue was when we had to pay a down-payment of 30% of the total services and the group was hesitant because we hardly knew David back then but he arranged some recent clients referrals with private email addresses that we can initiate contact with. It helps that we were talking to fellow Malaysian and Singaporeans who were using Davidís services recently. Once we communicated and even talked to them on the phone, we were confident of Davidís background and with hindsight, I have never met a more trusting travel agent so far in my 20 years of private travel.

Off course being a group of 12 people, is was not easy to please everyone, we had last minute changes, different incoming and outgoing flights and we had our fair share of the travel bugs that makes some of us sick but David handled it as well as expected. I am impressed that he will go all the way after mid-night to look for a Pharmacy to get some needed medication in Strasbourg just to make sure we are attended to attentively.

All in all, we may plan the trip differently and have a better long distance alternatives between the cities but I will do it all over again with David now that I have experienced his professionalism and his genuine intention to pleased all his client where possible.

David, thank you again for making our trip a memorable one and I am happy to have made a new friend in Paris. As a service professional, I am proud that there is someone like you out there in your personal capacity wanting to really make a difference in the service you provide.

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, USA, New Hampshire, 2011-05-30

My husband and I had the PERFECT 9 day vacation in Paris this May and we just wanted to share our experience with our Private Tour Guide, David Kafari.

We took only three tours in all the days we were in Paris. Versailles, Monet's Garden in Giverney, and a nighttime tour of Paris to see the lights and sights.

David picked us up at the airport and brought us into Paris and showed us all the major sights before dropping us off at our Hotel Regina, immediately next to the Louvre'. Not only was he knowledgeable (a born Parisian) but his English was excellent. I understand he speaks Japanese as well.

It was comfortable and entirely enjoyable to have him drive us to Paris. During the trip from Chas.DeGaule airport we felt that we had made a friend and just knew from his casual and kind nature that we would enjoy all our scheduled outings with him. AND WE DID !!

David would drive us to our destination, filling us in on the sites and history and even the everyday goings on of Parisian's and their lifestyle. Then, when we arrived at our destination, David had pre purchased out tickets and got us into the "priority lines" whenever there were priority ticket lines !! We got to the sites with ease and got into them without long lines. He was our "Short Line Angel". Then he would leave us and wait while we took "all the time we wanted" and enjoyed our visits . We didn't feel rushed, nor pushed into having a deadline to meet back up with him.

He was relaxed and willing to "wait for us". He kept encouraging us to enjoy all the time we wanted at the sights and not to hurry just for his sake. He was kind and happy to wait for us when we were finally ready. He recommended breakfast and luncheon restaurants and each one was very very VERY good. We invited him to join us and , as we enjoyed every bite of the delightful food, we also enjoyed his pleasant and easy going company.

The prices were very reasonable for a private guide AND he tailored the tours to what we wanted. No following HIS timetable and schedule. NO herds of tourists to have to squeeze in with nor be at a pickup time on his schedule. Just us. Just our time. Just for our convenience. P E R F E C T !!!!!!! We couldn't have been more pleased to have him as our guide. We feel we have made a friend in Paris !

Hire David Kafari and We are sure that you will not be disappointed. If you want to avoid the crowds of tourists and have a relaxed enjoyable time....David is the guide for you.
You can GOOGLE his name : David Kafari
and he will show up on several listings including his own facebook page. Read the reviews and then decide. David was one of the best decisions we made when planning for our "once in a lifetime trip to Paris".

Chuck and Carol

1 5 5
, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2011-05-05

David assisted us in organising a hens and bucks trip for 30 Australians in the Champagne region. His organisation skills, timeliness of replies (in english) and patience was second to none. ON the day we had all sorts of changes due to managing so many "excited" people in the Chamnpagne region, these changes were due to the group not the organisational skills of the tour. David managed the tour with ease, humour, class and style. As a person who has worked in the 5 star luxury hotel industry for many years I cannot reccomend David highly enough. He assisted from conception with the concept suited to the boys and girls and the little surprises along the way. His suggestions were well supported and fit within our budget. Overall it was a perfect day and more importantly a very happy Bride and Groom!

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, USA, Matthews, 2011-03-12

The trip to Mont Saint Michel did work out for us. It was going to be Monday, but then due to David's schedule, it was changed to Wednesday. Tuesday evening David sent us an email seeing if we wanted to change to Thursday as the weather at coast was going to be rainy. I appreciate his thinking of our enjoyment and offering to reschedule to a day with better weather. So, we changed to Thursday, and even though the day started out grey, we did not encounter any rain, other then while driving.

David arrived in an almost new Pugeout 5008, a nice 4 door mini-van. He was personable and we were comfortable with his driving in Paris and on the highways. He was professional, and we would highly recommend his services.

Tony, Lauren, and Samantha Belletete

1 5 5
, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 2011-03-01

We really enjoyed your company while we were in France, since the point you picked us up from airport until the very last day of departure.
You had organized a wonderful day tour for the 4 of us , and your help and advice regarding our stay there had certainly helped us a lot. You have been very helpful ever since we were at our trip planning stage until the day we were in Paris itself.

On behalf of my family I want to thank you for a fantastic time in Paris. We had a lot of fun getting introduced to the history of Paris. Your deep knowledge, stories and jokes really brought the city and its history to life. We are aware that we got a lot more out of our visit to your fair city but it is a pity that we did not have more time. Without doubt, we'll certainly contact your service again when we re-visit Paris !

1 5 5
, USA, Denver, 2010-12-05

David was a joy to share Paris with. he made it so personal and informative. we were never felt to feel rushed, and his time was our time. his car was so comfortable and clean. his driving was amazing in such heavy traffic. i hope to contact him in the future for trip to Normandy. anyone who books with David is in for a very special day.

1 5 5
, USA, Windsor, 2010-11-15

I was a little worried at first because I had to send him money before we went there but everything was outstanding. He was sitting at our hotel waiting for us. He is just so professional and he is willing to make your tour the best it possible could be. We so more sight in two day with David that we could have seen by ourselves in two week. Also he got us cut tickets so we didnít have to stand in line for the sight. It only took us 10 minutes to be to the top of the Eiffel tower were if we had done this by ourselves it would of took us a half the day, what a time savings. Driving in Paris is a nightmare and with David doing the driving it only took minute to get to our next sight. And his knowledge of the area and back ground he told us things that we could have only read about. When I go to Paris again I would hire David right away without any questions. He had everything planned out to get the most of the time we spent there.

1 5 5
, Colorado, USA, Windsor, 2010-11-12

David, We would like to thank you for the wonderful private tours of Paris and Versailles. You really understand the city, which allowed us to see more than we would ever had time to without you. I would recommend you to anyone!

1 5 5
, France, Paris, 2010-10-20

David was excellent! I highly recommend him. Very accommodating. Our twelve hour trip turned into a sixteen hour trip but he was friendly to the end. I asked on our way home if we would see the Eiffel Tower at night and he made a detour to ensure we had the best view, despite being late going home. He spoke fluent English and found great restaurants that were helpful to English speaking people. The highway going home was closed and without his local knowledge, we would have been lost. Highly recommend!

1 5 5
, USA, Miami, FL, 2010-10-19

David K. was the best of the best! Not only was he very pleasant and spoke excellent English, he took us to a great restaurant in Normandy for lunch and after the tour was over, on way back stopped at a market and did our grocery shopping for us! The Normandy tour guide was good and knowledgeable. Overall a great experience! Would recommend to all and David especially!

1 5 5
, USA, Chicago, 2010-09-03

In Aug 2010 I and my 7 yr old son had 10 hour layover in Paris, since it's such a short time in Paris I decided to go with a private tour guide David Kafari. David was great! He met us right after passport control holding up a sign, he already had tickets "skip the line" to Louvre which was our first stop. He was very plesant, funny and told us a lot about Paris. After visiting Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame David brought us to Lafayette Galleries for shopping (which you can't skip if you are a woman visiting Paris), he practically had to pull us out of stores since I lost track of time to make sure that we will make it to the airport on time. I highly recommend David as a guide! I would do it all over again

1 4 5
, England, London, 2010-04-29

David was a great guide who made it a very worthwhile use of our time. He was polite, knowledgeable and friendly.

1 5 5
, USA, New-Jersey, 2010-02-18

We had a great time with you. You were courteous and well informed and helped make our stay in Paris extra special. By retaining your services, we were able to see so much in our short stay in Paris. My 18 year old son truly enjoyed this trip and became very fond of you. We truly appreciate all your efforts on our behalf.
Thank for all your help and concern and most of all, making our trip to Paris so wonderful.

1 5 5
, Egypt, Cairo, 2010-01-07

Dear David,
Thanks a lot for the tour, it was 'really' the best tour I have ever had.
The tour was very short, but because I had to catch my flight at CDG which was extremely busy,
I loved the tour eiffel, notre dam, louvre view, bateau, opera house....
David was extremely helpful and was treating me like his little sister (who he doesnt want to get lost anytime :)) he took me to the terminal entrance by himself and he stopped many times as per my request to take pictures and watch buildings....etc.
He offered many times to be free and say i want to stop many times, and many times he was the one who offered.
The tour was lovely, and David was extremely friendly.
One thing that needs to be improved, well nothing to be mentioned during the tour. the only thing is that perhaps u need to have papers with the names of the persons when waiting for them in the airport, because I didn't know how David looked like and neither did he know me :)))
so far, I'd love to repeat a longer tour, and I will surely contact you again for that
All the best for the new year :)

1 5 5
, Singapore, Singapore, 2010-01-04

We made a fantastic tour! David came at the airport at 5.50 AM and we made a magic stopover tour in Paris, still at night! We visited many highlights, such as Tour Eiffel, Concorde Square, Champs-Elyses, Louvre museum, Sacred-Heart basilica, wonderful National Opera! We were late due to customs ( 1 hour ) and David was still here waiting for us! Very easy-going guide, nice car and very professional! We will recommend him in Singapore !

1 5 5
, Australia, Melbourne, 2009-12-08

I could not ask for anything more than David's professional approach to the way he showed us around Paris. Nothing was too much to ask and we immediately felt comfortable in his presence. David took time to personalise our tour and the experience resulted in a wonderful trip to Paris that we were able to build upon following the tour. David was given some tourist sites as the base, then he showed us the parts of Paris we didn't even know about. Tremendous service. Highly recommended.

1 5 5
, United States, Utah, 2009-11-20

David was so friendly and extremely accommodating. We had a wonderful tour! We arrived very late and wanted to make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower. David made it happen! We didn't realize how far the airport was from the things we wanted to see and ended up spending much more time than we anticipated. It was not a problem! David was willing to spend as much time as we wanted to and take us anywhere we wanted! We would book with this company again. The entire experience was top notch!

1 5 5
, USA, Miami, 2009-11-03

Lynn and I had the most wonderful time on our day visiting the Loire Valley. David was an amazing tour guide.- young, fun and funny. He was able to provide us with all the information we needed on the area, the castles, etc. He gave us suggestions and the freedom to outline exactly how we wanted the tour to be. He was punctual and was never in a rush to get us back home. We felt "at home" with him and we will be sure to look him up for another tour. Thank you for making our trip memorable and enjoyable.

1 5 5
, USA, Orange, 2009-07-23

Wow, what a perfect day. David was on time, friendly, and ready to take us where ever we needed to go. His car was spotless and very comfortable. He was so helpful and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions. After our Normandy Tour he took us to a wonderful local restaurant and on the drive home, even though it was very late, he took the time to give us an evening drive around Paris so we could see all the beautiful landmarks. David, was wonderful. We would highly recommend him.

1 5 5
, Canada, Toronto, 2009-05-09

I didn't think I could go on the tour as I had recently received news that my mother had died. But I knew my son really wished to see Juno Beach - this was his chance but he would not leave me alone. I say let's met this gentleman and see if I can handle it. I shook your hand and knew that you would take care of us. We both appreciated your sensitivity and how you tailored the tour to our needs. You are in my address book and I hope we can see you again. Thank you for making our visit so memorable.

1 5 5
, USA, Ashburn, 2009-03-09

This was our first excursion and it was wonderful. We were a group of four visiting Reims and the champagne region in France for a day trip. David was very professional, helpful, with a great sense of humor. He tailored the day to accommodate what we wanted to see and do, which certainly included touring champagne caves and the burial spot of Dom Perignon. Having David as our guide was like having a friend take us on the tour. Thank you, David for such a wonderful day!

1 5 5
, Canada, Ottawa, 2009-01-17

David was very flexible on this tour as we also wanted to see a winery. He offered a few suggestions and left the decisions up to us. Tours of the castles were good and he had great ideas for lunch spots. Great sense of humour and very accommodating and superb command of English. Thanks David for help making our trip a success. Cheers Brent, Linda, Maegan and Dillon