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Romania Maramures
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Cornelia Lupsa - Private Guide in Maramures
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Maramures, Romania

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, Greece, Athens, 2016-06-12
Maria Linardaki about guide from Maramures

We had a wonderful trip to Maramures Romania this May.We admired the beautiful landscape and thanks to our grate guide Cornelia, we learned a lot of the past and resent history of the place. We are coming back soon not only because the place is amazing but also because Cornelia with her deep knowledge and pleasant way made us love Maramures . Thanks Cornelia, we were very lucky to be with you and your husband Dan.

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, Israel, Even-Yehuda, 2013-06-28

I highly recommend Cornelia Lupsa who was our guide during our recent visit to Maramures (June 2013). My mother was born here and since she was deported in 1944, she refused to return and actually came with almost no expectations. Cornelia made this visit to be unforgettable. She is a wonderful person, an excellent guide, very responsible and warm and considering. She speaks with people at eye level and by that, succeeded to open for us doors and hearts which we never could do alone. Cornelia has much knowledge on this beautiful area and she knows how to transfer it. For us Cornelia became part of our family and we shall cherish the time we spent together.

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, Germany, München, 2012-10-25

We had a wonderfull offroadtrip with Cornelia in the Maramuresch. We was traveling with 3 cars from Germany to Baia Mare to meet our guide.
Everything was just perfect.
Beeing a tourist it is very nice when someone can tell a lot about the country and the Maramuresch. Things which we would have never seen or heard if we would have been on
our own. Whether it was a nice trip through the spectacular landscape, a museum or original Rumanian restaurant, Cornelia had allways the best ideas to make the trip uforgettable. One thing is sure: we will come back to
Cornelia and the Maramuresch because there
is a lot to see.
Thank you Cornelia ( and husband Dan )!

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, United States of America, Santa Rosa, CA, 2012-09-30

We strongly recommend Cornelia as an excellent guide for tourists. She was very professional and knowledgable. Our purpose in visitng the Maramures, and specifically Sighet, was to locate and find Gary's father's birthplace and grandfather's cemetery and grave. Cornelia facilitated this process with excellent research before our arrival.

She also greatly assisted us by locating Carole's mother's birthplace in Slovakia. She, along with her husband, Dan, drove us through Slovakia to our next destination in Krakow, Poland.

The point we want to make is that Cornelia will go out of her way to make your travel experience rich and rewarding.

Our trip would not have been nearly as great without Cornelia's expertise and guidance.

We became good friends with Cornelia and her husband, Dan, and highly recommend, without reservation her services.

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, Australia, Sydney, 2012-08-15

We very much enjoyed our 2-3 day tour of Maramures with Cornelia in June 2012 .We covered a lot of ground and thanks to Cornelia were able to find easily find places it would have been difficult and time consuming on our own .Also it was great to meet local people as Cornelia could act as our interpretor .
We are pleased to recommend Cornelia as a guide to Maramures