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Tanzania Dar Es Salaam
Private Guide in Dar Es Salaam
Aloys - Private Guide in Dar Es Salaam
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Customer's Opinions about guide from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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, Italy, Dar es Salaam, 2019-12-29
SELINA about guide from Dar Es Salaam

Great guide! He took us around the city and dropped us off at the airport. All perfect. Recommended!!

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, Germany, Hanover, 2014-03-06

Hello Dear Travelers!

My name is Mathias Henschel from Hanover German and my 4 Colleagues that we were among the tourists who visited Tanzania for 20 days stay. In fact we bought 2 safari itineraries with Aloys. We hired him for a Dar es Salaam City - Ruaha National Park and Udzungwa Mountains National Park and the second trip was the Dar es Salaam City to Zanzibar Island. We were four and we were booked our trip under limited budget.

The Guide received us at the Dar es Salaam International Airport on 10th February 2014 in late hours evening at 16:20 hrs and greeted us and we received a warmly welcome in Tanzania. On day 2 we started our tour in Dar es Salaam City and visited several attractions among those include the wonderful botanical gardens, museums which exhibited the history of the evolution of man, the fish market and the village museum. It was a very nice day for us.

On day 3 we started our long trip to Ruaha National Park for a wildlife safari, which we enjoyed the prestigious wildlife sanctuary of Tanzania. For us it was the first time to meet with a large pride of lions of 30 all males! This was great and never expected that, Tanzania is a country of miracles.

Forget that, we went with him up to Zanzibar Island and we made stone town tour and spice tour with him and other co-Guide attached to him, so in short Aloys was our preferred Guide before the trip and during the trip we have proved ourselves his competence is indisputable. He has the knowledge of tourist attractions, environment, history and culture. He made our visit to Tanzania came true and with him we came to know better how Tanzania is all about.

The Guide left us on 28th February 2014 by escorting us at the Dar es Salaam International Airport for departure. During our visit we used two different cars, the first one was the safari vehicle and the later were the Toyota Micro bus with space for our luggage's and we were comfortable all the time and he cared about us. No one of us got injured or serious sickness rather than little bit headache for change of environment as we are Europeans and Africa is different environment.

The service that we had received was more than value for money. We were honored by visiting into cultural sites that were not in our programme which were very much interested.

The rude comments that were posted by our previous traveler named Julia, for us we see that it is immaterial, unfair, biased, false, null and void. If the Lady named Julia had received a bad treatment from the Guide whether her money were stolen, or being offered a service that were not sufficient or not value for money she could have enough time to go to the Police Station or legal respective authorities or Tourism Offices who has the register for the Guides and they could summon him to be accountable to answer the allegations immediately and justice could be determined!

The fact that, Julia stayed in Tanzania for 25 days and the Guide was there but she did not took any legal step against him to defend her right while in Tanzania, for us who stayed with Aloys, the nice and smart Guide we cannot believe such allegations. It happened that we visitors we could have our own personal interests that we need to be fulfilled by local Guides, so if they reject it we should not force them to do it. For the Julia case as far as we interviewed Aloys, it seemed that the Lady had requested the Guide to do something more privacy related to her personal interest out of the trip plan but the Guide has rejected for several times! hence resulted into this rude comments against the Guide.

My comments ends up on saying that all tourists who plan to visit Tanzania for tour and leisure, they should not hesitate to book and hire for Aloys, he is the solely Tour Guide in our trip that he has made our dream visit to Tanzania come true. He will assist you to organize a trip, make tour costing, create route plan and guide you effectively. He is not greedy, not a thief but he is honest.

If a local Guide advise you do not go that trip it is too far for you to control your time and you might miss the Flight' and you decide to go by force, when you miss the Flight who to blame?

For us we did not experienced any problem with the Guide, just go Tanzania with him and if noted that your rights or the agreed service do not go as planned, just see any one for help or respective legal authorities to help you my next fellow visitor.

Should you need more details about this Guide please send me an email: I will tell you more about him, we know him more better he is a gentleman tuned to assist visitors!

Mathias Henschel
Hanover, German

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, Russia, Moscow, 2013-05-13

Only the best memories about our trip with Aloys!!!
We travelled in Tanzania 01-08.05.2013. This guy prepared the best program for us that we even could expect.. We visited Dar es Salaam sights, Mikumi park, Bogomojo cultures, other places on the way, and relaxed on Zanzibar. Everything was orginized on the top level, and with adequate prices to my mind.. So, our kind recommendations for Aloys.
Alex, Julia, Rost and Ksu from Moscow..

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, Canada, Vancouver, 2013-05-07

We visited Tanzania, a trip organized by Aloys. We had a very good time there as we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with him and other Professional Mountain Guides, Kulwa and Moses with our porters. We enjoyed and we came back home with a memorable safari.

If you wish to travel to Tanzania please contact Aloys, he will organize and guide you in Tanzania effectively.

Galina and Darek.
Vancouver, Canada