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Private tour in Nizwa. Oman. Asia

Private tour

Come and join us on a wonderful Private Tour of Nizwa. Let our expert guides help you discover the charm and the majestic beauty of this magical city. We will share its unique history as well as the most wonderful scenery and superb culinary traditions.

Private tour in Nizwa

Nizwa single day

Guide: OMAN Holiday
Type: Private tour in Nizwa
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All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Nizwa.
Let them make your dream vacation a reality.
Stephen:  We will be on a ship arriving in Muscat on the 19th of March. The ship should dock at 8:00 a.m. We will be in Muscat for two days, and the ship leaves at 7:00 p.m on the 20th. We are interested in the one day tour to Nizwa. There may be as many 8 of us or as few as four. Can you give us a price and other information? We are also interested in one day trips in Bahrain, Kish Island and Khasab.