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Wine tasting tour in Ljubljana. Slovenia. Europe

Wine tasting tour

If you are feeling the desire to experience the richness of Ljubljana traditions in wine making, we can fulfill your wish. Our experience in organizing similar tours can help you immerse in the beauty of Ljubljana and savor good wine.

Wine tasting tour in Ljubljana

Wine Tour in Kras and Goriška Brda (Collio)

Guide: Rok Puppis
Type: Wine tasting tour in Ljubljana
Price: On request
Duration: 8-12
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Customer's Opinions

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Sylvia:  We will be arriving (with luggage) at the train station in Nova Gorica (or Divaca) on Friday morning, September 17. Would it be possible for you to pick us up there instead of Ljubljana? If so, we would like to take a tour of the Vipava villages including a visit to the castle at Dobrovo, with wine-tasting, and a tour of the Skocjan Caves with transport to our hotel in Ljubljana. Can you suggest an itinerary for this day and a price? On the following day--Saturday, September 18, we are interested in visiting Skofja Loka and possibly Kamnik. If you are available to guide us there please suggest an itinerary and a price. Thank you for your interest in making our tour of Slovenia more enjoyable. I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.
Ivy:  We have 2 persons and would like to join the tour "Wine Tour in Kras and Goriska Brda (collio). How much is it? We will stay in Hotel Cubo in Ljubljana. I understand there will be pick up arrangement from hotel. Please confirm.