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Bairro Alto Lisbon Portugal : Tours and Excursion

A terrific place to see on an excursion in Lisbon is Bairro Alto. Bairro Alto is a central district of the city of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital.  There is no better way to experience this region than with a private guide in Lisbon.  In addition to being formed in an angular layout, the structure in the Bairro Alto used new construction methods to convert buildings built out of wood to stone masonry instead.  

The older homes in the Bairro Alto were usually low two-story buildings, square and irregular with small windows, and buildings that were lengthy and slender, containing three floors with windows, and balconies. A tour in Lisbon offers an insight into this fantastic architecture. The Portuguese architectural mode of the era is identified by a four-story block with separated windows. The front is recognized by a core staircase having two opposite sets and windows in the attic roofs.  

By the start of the 19th century the Pombaline style transformed into a simpler style and enrichment of the Pombaline-era constructions.  This was a time in history that stressed the facade of the buildings and boasted huge verandas.  A guide in Lisbon will make this venture extremely interesting and fun.

Bairro Alto: Private tours and Excursions.