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Cabo da Roca Sintra Portugal : Tours and Excursion

Tours in Sintra with the assistance of a guide in Sintra of Cabo da Roca is incredible. Cabo da Roca is a cape which forms the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal and continental Europe. The cape is in the Portuguese municipality of Sintra, west of Lisbon.

The Cabo da Roca lighthouse is splendid in appearance as it overlooks the peninsula towards the Atlantic Ocean.  A private guide in Sintra will discuss this remarkable landmark with tourists.  The western coast is a combination of sand beaches and rocky cliff points that are cut into crystalline rocks.  These rocks are made out of powerfully folded and faulted grainy units.  Part of the granite formations show an indication of strong coastal erosion and in other regions there are limestone deposits implanted in the granite.  A great amount of the vegetation in this area is situated very low as it has adapted to the salt water and windy climate conditions over time.  

Cabo da Roca was home to an assortment of plant life at one time.  Many migratory and marine birds temporarily perch alongside the cliffs and sheltered inlets of the coastal region.  An excursion in Sintra should incorporate this marvelous point of interest.   

Cabo da Roca: Private tours and Excursions.