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Carmo Convent Lisbon Portugal : Tours and Excursion

An excursion in Lisbon would not be complete without trekking to Carmo Convent.  The Carmo Convent is a historical building in Lisbon, Portugal, located on a hill in the Chiado area and overlooks Rossio Square.  A private guide in Lisbon can accompany you on this venture.  In 1755 the great earthquake devastated most of the convent and its church.

The convent was remodeled and ultimately served as a military quarter.  The church was never totally rebuilt and eventually it was gifted to the Association of Portuguese Archaeologists and transformed into a museum.  Carmo Convent and its Church were manufactured in Gothic style.  The ancient convent has been reconstructed in neo-Gothic fashion in the early 20th century. The stone roof over the nave collapsed after the earthquake and was not reassembled; solely the pointed curvatures between the pillars have endured.  

There is a small archaeological museum that contains fragments from all eras of Portuguese history.   A guide in Lisbon will show you the tombs, fountains, windows and other architectural ruins.  There is a collection of Gothic tombs, a statue of a 12th-century king, and items from Roman and Visigoth ages.  A tour in Lisbon is a perfect addition to any vacation. 

Carmo Convent: Private tours and Excursions.