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Commerce Square in Lisbon Lisbon Portugal : Tours and Excursion

No tour in Lisbon Commerce Square is a highly visited attraction situated in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.   This is one of the most regal squares in the entirety of Lisbon and was at one time the core maritime entrance to Lisbon.  A private guide in Lisbon can bring you to this point of interest.  

The ancient marble steps that lead all the way up to Commerce Square are visible to guests even today. There was a destructive earthquake in 1755 that nearly totally devastated the structure.  On the north side of the square there is, the square is a magnificent 19th-century commemorative arch that shows the way to one of the most well-known shopping areas in downtown Lisbon. The arch is adorned with statues of famous people in history.  Your guide in Lisbon will happily answer any questions you may have.  

The expansive edifices that are extended around three of the sides of the square are presently occupied by government administrative offices as well as a number of restaurants.  Commerce Square is a wonderful place to view spectacular architecture, peek into history, go shopping, and dine at terrific restaurants. An excursion in Lisbon is a terrific trek to book.

Commerce Square in Lisbon: Private tours and Excursions.