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Evora Portugal : Tours and Excursion

A private guide in Evora is the optimum way to see this city.  Evora is a city and a municipality in Portugal and plays a part of a significant agricultural and services center.

A guide in Portugal can bring you here. It is home to a variety of institutions with great importance for the region, such as the state-run University of Evora and district hospital. Evora, as well as the surrounding area, has a spectrum of hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and various styles of accommodation.

Evora is positioned conveniently, as it is attainable by bus or train, with the planning of the construction of a train connection to Lisbon and Madrid.  Tours in Evora are a great idea. Giraldo Square in Evora is a very popular landmark. There are a number of beautiful churches to see upon an excursion in Evora. The climate is warm making it conducive for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

The old town center remains in good condition and is somewhat encircled by primitive walls, and a wide gamut of monuments that date back from various historical periods. On a tour with a private guide in Evora tourists are able to see an abundance of monuments and attend fairs.  

Evora: Private tours and Excursions.