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Regaleira Palace Sintra Portugal : Tours and Excursion

Quinta da Regaleira, referred to as Regaleira Palace is an estate positioned in Sintra, Portugal that is a wonderful excursion in Sintra to embark upon.  This landmark is known as a primary tourist attraction that Sintra has to offer guests. The grounds are comprised of palace, chapel, and a lavish park that has beautiful lakes, caverns, fountains, and a wide gamut of additional superb constructions.  

A private guide in Sintra can offer much insight into this site.  The structure's frontage is identified by Gothic peaks, carvings, and notable octagonal tower, among other characteristics.  It is absolutely unbelievable in appearance due to the intricate design it radiates.  The palace is made up of five floors including the first story, three upper stories, and a basement.  On each level there are a number of rooms that have their individual purposes.  Your guide in Sintra can show you around this landmark. Regaleira Chapel is positioned in front of the palace's main frontage.  

The interior of the chapel is opulently decorated with murals, stained glass windows, and extravagant stuccoes.  While on a tour in Sintra we ask that you consider trekking to Quinta da Regaleira and Regaleira Palace as it is well worth visiting.

Regaleira Palace: Private tours and Excursions.