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Rossio Square Lisbon Portugal : Tours and Excursion

With all that Portugal has to offer, a guide in Lisbon can direct tourists to optimum landmarks to explore.  One of these fantastic locations is Rossio Square. This point of interest is situated in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, and has remained as one of its key squares going all the way back to the Middle Ages.

his square has been the site of famous revolts, celebrations, bullfights and even executions.  It is a renowned gathering place of Lisbon natives as well as guests that a private guide in Lisbon can bring you to. During the 19th century the Rossio Square was paved with the usual Portuguese mosaic and was decorated with bronze fountains that were brought in from France.  An extremely significant landmark in the square for an excursion in Lisbon is the Rossio Train Station; it is a crucial addition to the organization of the city.  

Rossio Square has been an ideal place enabling get-togethers for people of Lisbon over the centuries.  A few of the cafes and shops of this square are dated from the 18th century.   A tour in Lisbon should definitely include visiting Rossio Square. Time and time again trekkers have fond memories to cherish.

Rossio Square: Private tours and Excursions.