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Sintra Mountains Sintra Portugal : Tours and Excursion

While on a vacation in Portugal, the Sintra Mountains is a fabulous excursion in Sintra to add to your agenda. The Sintra Mountains is a mountain range situated in western Portugal. Over the years it has been a site with a variety of myths and legends about supernatural happenings without understandable explanation.

A guide in Sintra can explain more about these myths. Sintra Mountains are thought to be a mystical and magical place, with lush vegetation on the surroundings of the Lisbon district. Its climate radiates a seemingly magical mist that encourages the growing of rich plant life and additionally its wildlife. The Sintra Mountain range is home to foxes, moles, salamanders, vipers that reside amongst ancient, massive oak, pine and cork-oak trees, as well as and abundance of other species.

Vistas from the vantage points of the Sintra Mountains that your private guide in Sintra can lead you to are unbeatable for those who take in the views. A tour in Sintra is so appealing and rewarding because of the all it offers in terms of glorious attractions not only the Sintra Mountains, but others including Castle of the Moors, Pena National Palace, Monserrate Palace, and Cabo da Roca.

Sintra Mountains: Private tours and Excursions.