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Adventure tour in Moshi. Tanzania. Africa

Adventure tour

Join our Adventure Tour to Moshi. Discover the beauty of this city and its wonderful treasures. Learn about its intriguing history and taste its outstanding cuisine. Indulge yourself in a wide variety of adventurous activities.

Adventure tour in Moshi

Machame route Kilimanjaro climbing trip booking online

Guide: Kilimanjaro Agency
Type: Adventure tour in Moshi
Price: $1420-1460
Duration: 6-7 days
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Magda:  Hi, My name is Magda and together with my husband I am planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in September. We still have not booked our tickets as first we need to find out what are the trekking options. We are thinking about flying in between Sept 5th and 11th. Therefore, I have a couple of following questions : 1. Are we free to select any starting date for the trek in September or do you have any fixed dates that we would have to take into account? 2. What route would you recommend to follow bearing in mind we never went higher than 3000 meters ? Is it Machame ? Is it six days ? 3. What kind of tours do you operate ? Sleeping in tents/ or sleeping in huts ? 4. Most likely after climing Mt Kilimanjaro, we would like to follow a couple days Safari. Can you also help to organize these ? 5. If we are a group of two, would we go on our own with the guide or would you combine us with a different group? 6. Is there any specific period when you would recommend for us to fly in (e.g Sept 5th instead of one week later) I would also appreciate if you could share approximite prices with us, both for the treks alone as well as with a combination of trek and a couple of days of Safari ? Many thanks and best regards Magda