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Sightseeing Nature tour in Moshi. Tanzania. Africa

Sightseeing Nature tour

Join our Sightseeing Nature Tour to Moshi. Let our expert guides help you discover picturesque landscapes and mythical remote trails. Be swept away by nature’s splendor. Relish these peaceful moments for an experience of a life time.

Sightseeing Nature tour in Moshi

Wildlife safaris, trekking and walking safaris

Guide: Kilimanjaro Agency
Type: Sightseeing Nature tour in Moshi
Price: 340.00
Duration: 10 days
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nihan:  hi, i and my husband are now in dar es salaam and would like to visit the northern parks and cultural highlights, especially Ngorongoro Crater.however i must say that we do not have a constant plan. we have approximately 3 nights and 4 days (or a little more, it also depends on your price). we like camping and we would like to learn more about your prices and organisation on budget safaris. thank you for your help. nihan sagman