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Trekking tour in Moshi. Tanzania. Africa

Trekking tour

Join us in an awesome Trekking Tour to Moshi. Our outstanding guides will fulfill all your expectations. Widen your historical and cultural knowledge about this mythical, beautiful city. Discover its picturesque and charming trails.

All these tourists had unforgettable travel experience because of our guides from Moshi.
Let them make your dream vacation a reality.
Camelia:  I'm a mountain guide, I travelled in Tanzania three times before and climbed Kilimanjaro on different routes - Machame+Western Breach, Marangu etc. We are a group of 6 people now, intending to climb Kili on the Rongai Route and to extend our programme with safari and a visit to Lake Victoria... Some of the people in my group belong to the Romanian Alpine Club and know what the fees are for each National Park in Tanzania (also see attachment 4...) We are also preparing a trip for September and take into account to climb Kili on the Lemosho Route. We paid for our flights in July (see the attached forms for 3 persons + 3 persons below). This is our travelling programme (the group will be split into two, because of their different options): 1.PETCU/MARIAN MR 2.PETCU/VICTOR MR 3.HALIBEI/ALEXANDRU MR Bucuresti - Nairobi - Bucuresti Qatar Airways QR 944 02JUL OTPDOH 1825 2255 QR 534 03JUL DOHNBO 0125 0635 QR 535 22JUL NBODOH 1330 1835 QR 943 23JUL DOHOTP 0835 1330 Nairobi - Kilimanjaro Precision Air PW 722 03JUl NBOJRO 1040 1150 Mwanza - Mombasa 5H 526 14JUL MWZMBA 1630 1800 Mombasa - Nairobi 5H 442 19JUL MBANBO 1330 1430 Bucuresti 050014, Romania Now, we need to settle our programme for Tanzania: I. - July, 3-rd - arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport - transfer to hotel in Moshi. - July, 4-th - 10-th - Kili trek (Rongai Route) + Mawenzi (only with a guide who knows the route and has proper equipment!) - 7 days, for better acclimatization - July, 10-th - accomodation in Moshi.. My clients had a look on the Internet, there are many agents offering similar facilities for Kilimanjaro, so they decided they could only pay 900 USD / person for this programme. Group leader goes for free. II. - July 11-th - 14-th -safari: accomodation in lodges - 1-st day: Tarangire - 2-nd and 3-rd day: Serengeti and a short break in the evening (2-hour visit) in a Masai village - 4-th day - Lake Victoria (morning programme - fishing, sailing, diving) + lunch + drive for the flight from Mwanza to Nairobi We can agree for a cost of 150 USD / person / day and we are waiting for you to send a detailed programme for (II.), including a safari guide, one cook, accomodation in lodge, meals and drinking water, All Park fees, Camping Fees and vehicle from Moshi (all through Tarangire - Serengeti - Masai village) to Mwanza. Group leader goes for free, just as we settled this for my previous trips to Tanzania.
Hausard:  Dear sir Our flight will arrive Kilimandjaro Airport on August 20, 19h45, and we want to go to Moshi for one nignt So, we will be interested by following holidays: August 21 : from Moshi, we would like to visit a Masai (and may be Chagga) village near Machame, little tour and a second night. From august 22 to august 27th (6 days) : Ascending Kibo by Machame road and descent to Mweka gate August 27th : 3rd night at Moshi (budget hotel) We are two people (my wife and me) Please give me your price from Kilimandjaro airport, (arrival august 20) with transfert to Moshi and B and B in a budget hotel 20 et 21 august, night and breakfast on august 28th morning. We want to pay by card MASTER CARD Gold in order to have an insurance. Thank you for your answer. Best regards Marcel HAUSARD Resume : 3 nights (double bed) Transfert Trekking Kili 6 days One day visit.
Jim:  I would like more information regarding the Kilimanjaro climb. What personal gear is required? What percentage of your clients summit? One person in our party has a fear of heights. Is this a concern? Do the climbers venture near any steep edges? How far in advance are reservations required? Is there a time of year that is better than another? My wife will also accompany me to Africa but will not be taking part in the climb. Is there an activity (volunteering, teaching, etc.) you would recomend to coccupy her time while I am away?
gary:  can you please provide me with more information about trekking kilimanjaro. can you tell me what routes are available and the prices... i would like to trek in feb 2012. it is my 40th birthday on 26 february 2012 so would like to summit that day. i would also like to knowgroup size and information about other treks and tours you provide. many thanks Gary