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Some of the Best Greek Islands for Holidays

Greece is a country that is notable for its numerous tourist attractions and a perfect selection of sites to enjoy the sun and the sea. With its mild climate and hospitable people, Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and once you arrive there you will understand why. Still, it can make a difference which of the hundred islands scattered around the Ionian and Aegean Seas your tour package will take you. Most of the popular islands are easily reached by international flights or may require a shift in Athens or Thessaloniki. Ferries also represent a convenient option that will provide you with a great scenic experience, if you have the time to spare on a ferry ride that is. So here are the most popular Greek islands that are particularly recommended by travelers:


Corfu and Kefalonia

These two islands are located in the western part of Greece and are the largest masses of land in the Ionian Sea. Smaller islands surrounding these two locations can be easily reached by boat if you want a touch of raw nature further from the crowds. Both Corfu and Kefalonia are known for their beaches, beautiful capes and impressive nature that provides a great setting for exploration and makes the laid back atmosphere of these islands even more enticing.



The island of Santorini is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea and is relatively close to Turkey. There are also many smaller islands scattered around Santorini that are worth exploring if you are that type of a traveler who just can’t sit in the same place more than a day. But the main island itself also provides many spectacular places to explore. First of all, its renowned white house settlements have already become a symbol of Santorini, if not Greece in general. And the numerous geological formations of this volcanic island also make it a great place to walk and enjoy taking pictures.



Located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea very close to the mainland, Thassos is another big island with a very rich history. It is quite large on its own, so you will have plenty of things to do here if you are the exploring type. Especially it is notable for the prehistoric quarries and other attractions associated with its status as one of the oldest inhabited islands in the region.




The island of Rhodes is another place where ancient history can be seen, as it’s the place where one of the ancient World Wonders used to be located – the Colossus of Rhodes. Located very close to the Turkish coast, this large island provides a wide range of activities as its natural beauty, confortable beaches and cozy towns are made for the perfect Greek vacation.



Kos is a much smaller island compared to Rhodes and is also located in the Aegean Sea close to Turkey. Still, its modest size should be a problem because there are many historic attractions to be discovered on Kos, including the remains of the ancient gymnasium as well as several medieval churches.




And of course, how can we forget about the largest island in the country, Crete? This place has a very wide range of places to see and things to do, and it may require you much more than just a standard holiday package to explore most of its wonders. Featuring the remains of the highly sophisticated Minoan culture as well as numerous sites from later periods of history, Crete is also remarkable for its natural beauty that includes amazing beaches, inspiring mountains and forests. So it’s certainly a great destination for having a spectacular vacation.

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