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Boating and Sailing tour in Prague. Czech Republic. Europe

Boating and Sailing tour

Boating & Sailing Tours to Prague offers marine beauty at its finest. The metropolitan destination also hosts inshore and deep sea fishing for those who love to take charter tours. Boating and sailing in this country will be a gush of fresh air.

Boating and Sailing tour in Prague

Romantic break at the river - Private Boat

Guide: Art of Your Travel - Martina Gregorcova
Type: Boating and Sailing tour in Prague
Price: Exmpl. - honeymoon couple - 2hrs exclusiv.+champagne+refreshment 5000 CZK
Duration: starts from 1 hour and more...
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Richard:  Ok, so I'm interested in proposing to my girlfriend. I would probably be in in mid- to late-October and would like to start with the package you mention: 5000 cz for 2 hours, champagne, and the boat for just the two of us I'd like to know if I ordered flowers and sent them to you if you could put them on the boat. Also, I'd want some music. Do you know of someone locally I might be able to pay a few violin tunes? If not, could I bring a CD and play it during the tour? Thanks! Rich
Stephen:  I would like to arrange a 2-3 hour boat tour for my office colleagues for this Friday, July 10th. I know that you request that the tour be booked 7 days in advance, so sorry for requesting late. The size of the group will be between 15 and 18 people. We would enjoy also having some cold beer on board for everyone to enjoy. Thank you,
Alena:  We organize a visit of our partner from the U.S. to Prague. He is in his 60's and 2 people from our team will accompany him. We would like to have 1 hour walking tour+ 1 hour guided boat trip with coffee. The event is going to take place on the 7 th of June, From 11am till 1 pm. Could you tell us the final price?