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Wine tasting tour in Prague. Czech Republic. Europe

Wine tasting tour

If you are feeling the desire to experience the richness of Prague traditions in wine making, we can fulfill your wish. Our experience in organizing similar tours can help you immerse in the beauty of Prague and savor good wine.

Wine tasting tour in Prague

Beer Tour

Guide: Olga
Type: Wine tasting tour in Prague
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Heather:  Hello, We are holding a conference in Prague this summer and would like to offer our delegates a pub tour/beer tasting/brewery tour type of event. We would expect between 25-50 people to take part. This would take place on the evening of July 3, 2010. Can you advise if this is possible and the cost for such an event? Best wishes, Heather
Carrie:  Hello, We have a group of five adults who are interested in a week-long trip to the Czech Republic, with a definite emphasis on the beer tour. What kinds of tours do you have available? We would be interested in coming in late August/early September. Thank you,